OSAP Spring Extension Form

Complete this form if you are a Laurier undergraduate student who wishes to remain an Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) recipient in the spring term. Students should be aware that in accepting OSAP assistance, you agree to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development regarding academic progress.

If a student is overpaid by OSAP during the fall/winter term, the spring/intersession/summer OSAP assessment will be reduced by the amount of the overpayment. To be considered for an OSAP extension for spring/intersession/summer, this form must be submitted 40 days prior to the end of the applicable exam period.

Registration Requirements

1.50 credits 12 week spring courses = 60%
1.00 credits 6 week intersession courses = 80%
1.00 credits 6 week summer courses = 80%
1.50 credits combination of spring/intersession = 60%
1.50 credits combination of spring/summer = 60%
1.50 credits combination of 0.50 spring, 0.50 intersession, 0.50 summer = 60%

Note: These are only examples of qualifying OSAP and, as all student accounts vary, it is your responsibility to discuss your account with Service Laurier/Student Awards.

For full details, see Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). If you have any questions, contact studentawards@wlu.ca.