CH110 Override Request Form

Complete this form to request an override to register in CH110: Fundamentals of Chemistry I. Normally, to take CH110, you must be in a BSc program for which CH110 is a required course. Exemptions from this rule may be granted under exceptional circumstances when merit has been demonstrated.

The completion of this form does not guarantee entry into CH110. Each request will be considered by the undergraduate academic advisor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Be honest with all of your responses; inaccuracies in the information provided below will result in automatic denial of this request.

Warning: Almost half of the students who take CH110, who do not require these courses for their degree, fail the course. Students who did not take grade 12 Chemistry (SCH4U) or grade 12 Functions (MHF4U), or students who earned very poor grades on their first attempts of these courses (e.g. <60%) rarely pass CH110.

For further information, email