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MSW Grade Reassessment Policy

When a student believes that the final course grade or a grade on a written assignment does not accurately reflect her/his academic performance, the student is strongly encouraged to meet with the instructor to review the evaluation procedures and the decision on the written assignment(s) or examinations. In attempting to resolve the matter, the instructor may agree to reread the paper/assignment, or offer to have a colleague who has taught the course or is familiar with the topic read and/or evaluate the assignments(s). If the student would like to have this opportunity s/he must put his/her request in writing to the instructor providing support for the merits of the assignment and clear grounds for the request. A request for a grade reassessment of a course assignment can be made before a final grade is received.

In the unusual event that the instructor is not willing to meet with the student, or the student is not willing to meet with the instructor, or the student does not believe that his or her concerns have been adequately addressed after the above procedure has been followed, the student may discuss the concern with the MSW Associate Dean. If the student wishes to have the paper(s) re-graded by two other instructors who have taught the course in the past, a written request for an official grade reassessment should be submitted to the Associate Dean MSW Program. The written request for grade reassessment must be submitted within six weeks of receiving the final grade from the Office of the Registrar.

The written request for grade reassessment should detail the student’s concern and include supporting documentation that includes a copy of the graded assignment, as well as two unmarked copies of the assignment without the student’s name. The MSW Associate Dean will inform the instructor that the student is requesting a re-grade, and ask the instructor for a copy of the instructions given to students regarding the assignment. The MSW Associate Dean will request that two instructors who have taught the course or are familiar with the topic read the paper or papers in question and assign either a letter grade or Pass/Fail in the case of a course that is not given traditional grades.

The reviewers will each be given a copy of the instructions for the assignment(s) and an unmarked hard copy of the paper(s). In order to calculate the average, the letter grades assigned by all evaluators will be converted to a number according to WLU’s grading system for Master’s and Doctoral students (12-point scale).

When the grade being appealed is an F, the instructor will be asked to indicate what letter grade would be assigned to the paper if the full range of grades had been used. For example, would the paper warrant a C+, C, C-, D, etc.? The grade point associated with this letter will be used in the calculation of the average. Any grade which is less than a B- is an automatic F grade in the Master’s and Doctoral Social Work Programs of Study.  In the case of a course where Pass/Fail grades are given the P/F grade that the majority of people (the two reviewers and the instructor) have assigned the paper(s) will be assigned to the student record. For example if two out of three people assign a P, the final grade assigned will be a P.

The MSW Associate Dean will provide the student with the decision, in writing, within four weeks of receiving the re-graders replies. If the student is not satisfied with the grade assigned by this process, the student may appeal to the Graduate Student Appeals Committee and the Senate Student Appeals Committee. See Graduate Studies Calendar, student appeals. As well, a student who receives a grade of F may submit a request to the instructor, or Associate Dean for permission to complete supplemental assignments or to repeat the course in order to obtain the necessary course credit. The Associate Dean in making a decision should consult with the instructor of the course and the two re-assessors. Please refer to general regulations, academic standing, master’s program in the Graduate Calendar.

As a result of a re-grade or petition, every effort will be made to accommodate a student who requests an alternate instructor for future courses.