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Master of Social Work

As one of the modern helping disciplines, social work fulfills a strategic function in the field of social services. The social work profession is concerned with the wide range of human and environmental factors, and processes that influence social functioning in contemporary life. It seeks to alleviate and prevent personal and social problems experienced by individuals, families, groups and communities, and to contribute to constructive institutional change and development.

The education program of the faculty is designed to prepare specially qualified personnel for the many forms of direct clinical and community practice, and for the related professional functions of policy development, planning, administration and research. In all of these areas there is a growing demand, in both governmental and voluntary sectors, for social workers who possess advanced, theoretical knowledge and specialized practice competence.

Inaugurated in 1966, the Master of Social Work (MSW) program was first accredited in 1974 by the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work and was most recently reaccredited in 2019.

Term Dates

On-Campus Class Dates

  • Fall 2022
    • Monday, Sept. 12 to Friday, Dec. 9
    • Reading Week: Oct. 10-14
  • Winter 2023
    • Monday, Jan. 9 to Friday, Apr. 14** 
    • Reading Week: Feb. 20-24
    • **Friday, April 14 is the scheduled make up day for the Friday, April 7 classes only. Thursday classes end on April 6. 
  • Spring 2023
    • Monday, May 8 to Friday, July 14^ (4 hr classes for 9 weeks)
    • ^Friday, July 14 is the scheduled make up day for the Friday, June 30 classes only. SK654 will end on July 5.

Please Note: The dates for the On-Campus Classes may differ from what appears in LORIS. The dates above refer to FSW specific on-campus class dates and are what students should follow.  All other deadlines and dates adhere to the Graduate Calendar

Online Class Dates

  • Spring 2022
    • Section SA: Monday, May 2 to Monday, June 13
    • Section SB: Monday, July 4 to Monday, Aug. 15
    • Section SC: Monday, May 2 to Tuesday, July 26
  • Fall 2022
    • Section FA: Monday, Sept. 12 to Sunday, Oct. 30
    • Reading Week: Oct. 10-14
    • Section FB: Monday, Oct. 31 to Sunday, Dec. 11
    • Section FC: Monday, Sept. 12 to Sunday, Dec. 11
  • Winter 2023
    • Section WA: Monday, Jan. 9 to Monday, Feb. 19
    • Reading Week: Feb. 20-24
    • Section WB: Monday, Feb. 27 to Monday, Apr. 10
    • Section WC: Monday, Jan. 9 to Monday, Apr. 10
  • Spring 2023
    • Section SA: Monday, May 8 to Monday, June 19
    • Section SB: Monday, July 3 to Monday, Aug. 14
    • Section SC: Monday, May 8 to Tuesday, Aug. 1