Wait List/Locked LORIS Correction Form

Wait List: This form is used to gather information needed to correct the system and allow the selection of a specific course wait list. Applicable if a student deletes a course, or drops the wait list, and now wishes to be added to the wait list of the same course.

Reserved Seating: In addition, this form is also applicable for students who have a locked LORIS account because they have dropped a course with reserved seating and wish to re-add the same course.

Complete the form below if access to LORIS is blocked and must be re-opened by the Records Department. The submitted form is sent directly to the Records Department and an email will be sent to you when the issue has been resolved.

For further information regarding this form and its process, contact Megan Shackell at mshackell@wlu.ca or Bonnie Voisine at bvoisine@wlu.ca.