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Enrolment Services

Enrolment Services is your administrative support team for your studies – from your first course selection through to graduation. Our staff is dedicated to assisting you with questions you may have concerning:

We are here to serve you and the university community with any issues pertaining to your academic records, financial account and financial aid through our one-stop centre: Service Laurier.


You will use LORIS to register for your courses, make changes to your course selections, print your schedule, view your grades, confirm your program and more.

Holds on Your Student Account

"Holds" are restrictions placed on your student record that prevent you from:

  • accessing final grades
  • adding or dropping courses
  • registering in a future term
  • graduating
  • verifying your enrolment
  • receiving transcripts

Holds can be issued by your faculty, but are typically issued when you have failed to pay your tuition and fees by the deadline. To remove your hold immediately you would need to pay in-person at Service Laurier by debit or certified cheque. Alternatively, fees can be paid through online banking, but hold removal will only take place when the funds arrive at Laurier (approximately two to three business days). Overdue accounts may be referred to a collection agency.

Service Laurier

Service Laurier is ready to help answer any questions that you have regarding tuition and fees, registration, ordering official documents, OSAP, and awards. Our advisors are ready to help, and we are backed by a team of experts to handle your toughest questions!

Would you like to visit Service Laurier, but are too busy to wait in line? Use our QuickQ to get in line virtually. By logging in to QuickQ you’ll add yourself to the line without even setting foot in Service Laurier. We’ll text you when your turn is coming up, and all you need to do is sign in at our check-in kiosk.

Contact Us:

Waterloo Campus Office

T: 519.884.0710 x2800
Office Location: 202 Regina St., second floor

Brantford Campus Office

T: 519.756.8228 x5885
Office Location: Grand River Hall, room 202