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Virtual Computer Labs

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in the cloud.  Laurier has implemented it as a virtual computer lab solution for Fall 2020. A list of frequently asked questions is at the bottom of this page.

Laurier Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Instructions

To access WVD:

1. Open your browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge) and navigate to: OR

If you are not already logged in with your Laurier account you will receive this screen.


2. Log in with your and password.

This will log you into the Windows Virtual Desktop Remote App Portal. All Laurier licensed apps you are authorized to access will be listed.

** The first time you run WVD you will need to initialize your OneDrive, which will provide you access to file storage. 

To do this before launching any program, Run the Onedrive RemoteApp and sign in. This allows you to access your OneDrive in other RemoteApps.

3. Select the application(s) you would like to run by double clicking.  It will take a longer to load the application the first time you use it.

You will receive this prompt. 


4. Click Allow.

5. Enter your User name and Password (without the suffix).


You will get this message while connecting.


The first time you launch any of the programs it may take up to a couple of minutes to load.

The selected application will display on your screen.

6. You can use your OneDrive folder to save and open documents/data files, making them easily accessible each time you log in.


Optional: If you would like the application to run full screen instead of in your browser window:

Download the Desktop Application to connect to WVD:

    1. To access the desktop client (Windows) click
      1. The Remote Desktop msi will download to your computer (check bottom left of your window).
      2. Double click to run the setup wizard, click through all prompts
      3. At the Let’s get started screen Subscribe:
      4. Log in with your account
    2. To access the desktop client (MAC) Launch the App Store and search for "Microsoft remote desktop" or use the following link
      1. Add workspace:
      2. Log in with your account
    3. You will now have access to the WLU WVD applications

If you have any questions please email