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Part-Time Funding

Students enrolled in a 20%  50% course load may be eligible for part-time funding for educational costs through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Eligible students must apply for funding on a term-by-term basis by following the step-by-step application process

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for funding through the part-time OSAP program, you must meet the criteria below as well as certain residency and income requirements specified on the OSAP website:

  • Registered in an OSAP-eligible program.
  • Previous OSAP loans must be in good standing (i.e. you have not defaulted on a student loan and/or you are not restricted from participating in financial aid programs).
  • You have maintained satisfactory full-time and part-time OSAP academic progression requirements while receiving prior government financial aid.

Application Process

Course Load Changes

Any changes to the number of courses you are taking after you have submitted your part-time application will require that your application be adjusted and resubmitted with the correct course load and fee information to reassess your funding eligibility. Ensure you notify the Financial Aid Office immediately if you change your part-time course load after submitting your OSAP application by completing the Course Load Update Form (Fall/Winter or Spring). Please note, you will need to log in with your MyLaurier username and password to access this form.

Course load changes made after the release of your part-time OSAP funding will impact your academic progress eligibility for part-time OSAP in a future term.  

Academic Progress Requirements

To remain eligible for future part-time OSAP funding, you must successfully complete and pass all courses included on your application for funding through part-time OSAP.  If you do not successfully complete and pass your part-time OSAP funded course(s) in a term, you must self-fund and successfully complete and pass the self-funded course(s) for one term before being eligible for further part-time OSAP funding.  As of 2020-21 a pass is considered with a grade of a D- or higher.

Note: If you have previously received part-time OSAP funding (for a 50% course load or less), an unofficial transcript (i.e. a copy of your unofficial record of course work from LORIS showing your grades) must be uploaded as a required document to any new part-time OSAP applications to show successful completion of all courses from your previous part-time OSAP funded term. All submitted documentation is reviewed in the date order received and may take 2-3 weeks for processing in peak periods.  If a previous term transcript is required on your application it is recommended that you pay your school fees to Laurier by your original invoice due date because previous term grades may not be available prior to the start of classes which could delay your assessment and release of funding.


Maximum Part-time Canada Student Loan

Your outstanding Part-time Canada Student Loan balance cannot exceed $10,000 at any time. Once you have received this maximum amount, no further loan funding will be available.  It is important that you indicate the correct balance of current outstanding Part-time Canada Student Loan on your part-time OSAP application each term.  Funding release can be delayed if information provided on your application is incorrect.


Maintaining Interest Free Status for Previous Part-Time Canada Student Loans

If you are enrolled in the current term as a part-time student in an OSAP-eligible program (20-50% course load), interest free status is available if:

  • a confirmed part-time OSAP application for the current term, or
  • completed a Canada Student Loans Program Confirmation of Enrolment Schedule 2 online with the NSLSC On-Line Service (login to view My Dashboard - Confirm My Enrolment menu.  Select 'I have a Part-time Loan' within the options)

Note: If you have previous full-time loans and decide to attend school part-time (50% course load or less) interest will accumulate and you will be required to make payments on your full-time loans; however payments on your previous part-time loans can be deferred.

If you are enrolled in the current term as a full-time student (60% course load or higher, or 40% course load or higher for students registered with OSAP with a permanent disability) in an OSAP-eligible program, interest accumulation of your previous part-time and full-time OSAP loans will be placed on hold if you have: