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Full-Time Funding

Eligible students may apply for full-time Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) funding by following the step-by-step application process. It is important to report any updates to your application to ensure the release of funding. If you feel the standard criteria OSAP uses to assess your financial need may not adequately reflect your current circumstances, you can initiate an OSAP review process.

The full-time OSAP applications for 2023-24 is open now - Apply early!  


Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for the full-time OSAP, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate students must be registered in a minimum 60% course load or 1.50 credits per term.
    • Note: Students registered as having a permanent disability with OSAP must be registered in a minimum 40% course load or 1.00 credits.
  • Graduate students must be designated as a full-time graduate student by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and are considered as registered in a 100% course load (Note: Number of courses does not impact graduate course load or registration status)  
    • Part-time graduate students registered as having a permanent disability with OSAP can apply for full-time OSAP (considered registered in a 50% part-time course load)
  • Registered in an OSAP-eligible program.
  • Previous OSAP loans must be in good standing (i.e. you have not defaulted on a student loan and/or you are not restricted from participating in financial aid programs).
  • Maintained satisfactory academic progress while receiving prior government financial aid.

OSAP offers an OSAP Estimator that provides full-time students with an estimate of potential funding. Your final assessment will be completed once your application is fully submitted and information is verified. The actual assessment may vary from the estimate provided from the OSAP Estimator.

Application Process

Updating Your Application

Inform the Financial Aid office of any updates or changes for your Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) application. If you have made any errors on your previously submitted OSAP application, or need to update any information on your OSAP application, submit your request in writing through the Service Laurier webform. All correspondence must go through your MyLaurier account, include your full name, student ID number and identify the change that is required on your application. Documentation to support the requested change may be required.

OSAP Review Process

OSAP uses standard criteria when assessing your financial need on the full-time OSAP application which may not adequately reflect your current circumstances. All review documents must be submitted with all required documentation at least 40 days before the end of the study period to be considered. Completion of a review document may not result in a funding change. We recommend verifying your situation with the Laurier Financial Aid office prior to submitting any reviews to ensure they are relevant to your situation.