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Paying Laurier Fees

As of the 2018/19 application year, all OSAP funding will be automatically directed to pay outstanding tuition and fees at Laurier.

Late payment fees related to an OSAP payment that is applied directly to your student account will be reversed provided:

  • The OSAP funding received covers the full amount owing.
  • Your OSAP funding is applied to your student account before the end of the first month of each term.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all required information has been submitted to complete their OSAP application and to ensure all fees are paid each term.    

If your available OSAP funding does not cover all of your outstanding fees, it is your responsibility to pay the difference prior to your Laurier invoice due date to avoid late payment fees.

Students are responsible for payment of fees added to their Laurier account after OSAP funding for the term has been released. 

For fall/winter applications, OSAP releases 60% of loan funding in the fall term and the remaining 40% in the winter term. Funding availability may change as updates to your application are made (e.g. course load changes or income updates). Review your funding summary on your OSAP application prior to your invoice due date each term to ensure the available funding will cover your full outstanding invoice balance.