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Changing Historical Academic Records

Occasionally, the Graduate Student Appeals Committee (GSAC) is asked to remove the record of course failures from a student’s transcript. Requests of this nature are usually denied.


In some instances, a student’s entire semester record may be deleted for documented medical and compassionate reasons; however, not only would the failed course(s) be removed, but also the course(s) with satisfactory grades. A student may wish to present a case for deleting some, but not all, of the term record (i.e. explaining why part of the semester was successful while part was not). Such requests will be considered on an individual basis by GSAC.

Requests to add courses, whether for credit or audit, to student records at grade reporting time or after the term has ended will normally be denied. Similarly, requests to delete credit courses or change them to "AUDIT" (or to change an Audit course to Credit) at grade reporting time or after the term has ended will normally not be considered.

Students and faculty are responsible for ensuring that course registration is correct no later than the published deadline for course additions/deletions.

Completing the Form

If you wish to submit this type of appeal, you must clearly identify their requested outcome in the appeal (in question 4).

For example: I request course(s) AB123 and AB123 be added to/removed from the [Fall 2020] term as of DD-MMM-YYYY (11-NOV-2020).

Supporting Documentation Required

This type of appeal will require the following supporting documents (as applicable):

  • Fully completed GSAC petition form with all signatures.
  • A timeline of events.
  • Course syllabus (for each course in question).
  • MyLS summary of grades.
  • Relevant email communication with course instructor/supervisor/graduate coordinator.
  • Copy of Calendar or program webpage information.
  • Field placement details as relevant.
  • Evaluation feedback.
  • Official letter with academic decision (probation/requirement to withdraw, etc.).
  • Medical documentation.
  • Travel documents which confirm dates related to the appeal (private details redacted).
  • Summary of Supports letter from the Accessible Learning Centre, if applicable.
  • A fully completed copy of the most recent Annual Progress Report, including all signatures.
  • A plan detailing what supports will be accessed to ensure success if the appeal is granted.
  • Other, as applicable and relevant to the circumstances.