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Health and Wellness

OHIP Notice

OHIP+ is now in effect and provides free medications for anyone age 24 or under with an Ontario health card number. Visit the OHIP+ website for more information.

About the Student Wellness Centres

Laurier's Student Wellness Centres are the home of all physical, emotional and mental health services for students on our Waterloo and Brantford campuses. We are a multidisciplinary team offering comprehensive, collaborative service to help you get the best support in the most seamless and coordinated manner possible.

All students have access to these services through their OHIP and extended health plans. We welcome and support diverse communities.

You will be asked to swipe your health card every time you visit us, so don't forget it!

Scent-Free Workplace

The Student Wellness Centre is a scent-free workplace. Perfumes and scented products aggravate health problems for some people. In the interest of ensuring the wellness of our staff and patients, please avoid wearing aromatic products when you come to the Student Wellness Centre.

If you are suicidal or do not think you can keep yourself safe right now: