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Laurier Experience Record

The Laurier Experience Record is a comprehensive record for students of your involvement in curricular and co-curricular experiential learning at Laurier. The Laurier Experience Record helps you keep track of your experiences and how much time you have committed to them. You will be able to reflect on your experiences and identify competencies and skills you have developed.

When you apply for jobs, further education, co-curricular or volunteer opportunities, you will be well-prepared to articulate your knowledge and skills.

The Laurier Experience Record includes:

Note: The Laurier Experience Record is available for students in Navigator. If you have experiences that do not display on your Published Experience Record, you need to complete reflection for these experiences.

Why build your Laurier Experience Record?

Your Laurier Experience Record demonstrates that you have been engaged and involved as a Laurier student. It provides a validated record of your involvement and experiential learning opportunities. The Record will help you reflect on your experiences and identify skills you’ve developed that will be useful when applying for future on-campus opportunities, jobs after graduation, or graduate school. Laurier is the first institution in Canada to launch a comprehensive record that encompasses all of your experiential learning engagement.

What Qualifies for Experience Record Recognition?

You can add experiences to your record if they have been approved by Experiential Learning & Career Development. Qualifying experiences must meet all four of the following criteria:

  • Provide students with meaningful learning opportunities.
  • Meet validation process requirements.
  • Support and foster transformational experiences.
  • Include appropriate preparation and reflection at the conclusion of the experience.

If you have any questions about the Laurier Experience Record, contact the Experience Record administrator.