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Graduate Funding and Awards

Find more information about graduate funding and research scholarship opportunities at Laurier:

Read more about funding policies.

Tuition and Fees

Master's and doctoral students will be charged full- or part-time tuition based on their status at the time of admission. Permission to change registration status after admission is only by appeal and subject to the approval of the Graduate Student Appeals Committee. Students who successfully petition to change their registration status may have their tuition fees adjusted as a result. Incidental fees will be charged according to a student's registration status in a particular term.

Accessing Your Funding

To learn how each type of funding is distributed, click on the sections below.

Requesting Your Credit Balance

Laurier does not automatically refund the credit balance from your student account.

Students are able to request a refund of their available credit balance by E-mail Money Transfer (EMT) through LORIS under Student Services > Refund Request.  Additional information and details regarding the EMT refund process can be found on the Refunding webpage.