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International Student Support

Laurier's International Student Support (ISS) team will help to guide you on your path to academic and cultural success in Canada. The ISS team is here to:

  • Provide programs and services so you can experience and add to Laurier's culture.
  • Help you participate in curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular programming.
  • Develop your practical skills and confidence, and prepare you for a life of leadership and purpose.
  • Help you understand the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) and health insurance in Canada.

Information on Health and Wellness Support

The winter term is a time of year when more people can get sick with colds and the flu. This year, there is also the added concern around the coronavirus. To help you stay healthy and feel your best, there are a variety of health and wellness services available to you. 

For all services, be sure you have your UHIP or GuardMe insurance information. At some of the off-campus services you may need to pay for the service and submit your receipts for reimbursement. If you have any questions about your health insurance or need more information about your coverage please contact us at Laurier International.

If you have experienced discriminatory behaviour due to misconceptions about the coronavirus, there are many resources available to you to provide you with support. 

Health and Wellness Support Services

The Student Wellness Centre

Through the Student Wellness Centre, you can access a variety of medical services, including being treated for illnesses and injury, and being referred to specialist health care providers as needed. To book an appointment, call the Wellness Centre or drop in to their offices in Waterloo or Brantford. Appointments at the Wellness Centre can't be booked over email.

Walk-In and After-Hours Clinics

At walk-in and after-hours clinics you'll have access to nurses and doctors who can provide you with safe and effective medical care. These clinics offer the same services as the Wellness Centre and are a good option if you're not able to ge to the Wellness Centre. At these clinics you can often walk in without an appointment but you may have to wait if there are other patients ahead of you.

Hospital Emergency Departments

If you require urgent medical care, you should go to an emergency department at a hospital or call 911. The local hospitals are:

Mental Wellness Support

Feeling worried about your health can you extra stress. If you are feeling stressed, whether about your health or other issues in your life, the Student Wellness Centre has mental wellness services that can help you. You can also download the My Student Support (My SSP) app to get support any time, day or night, and in your preferred language.

Come Visit Us

Our office is always open. Once you are on campus, we encourage you to visit us and learn more about how you can be part of the Laurier community.

Go Abroad!

If you are interested in taking your Laurier experience global, check out Global Engagement and Exchanges.