Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Complete this form to set up direct deposit refunds from your WLU student financial account to your Canadian bank account. This form is used in conjunction with the Refund Request Form; however, to avoid refund delays, submit your direct deposit information prior to submitting an online refund request.

If you are not sure if you are already set up for direct deposit, or if you are already set up but would like to verify which account you are set up with, you may now verify your information by logging on to LORIS and selecting Personal Information. If the direct deposit indicator is active and the account information is correct, there is no need to submit a new direct deposit authorization form; rather, proceed to the Refund Request Form to request your credit.

Note: Direct deposit information on your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement for the Ontario Student Assistance Program is not retained with your Laurier student financial account and you are required to submit this form to set up direct deposit in order to receive your refund. Submitting this form will also update your direct deposit information with the Payroll Office for student employment.