Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Please Note: Standard Refund Requests are now completed through LORIS and issued by Email Money Transfer (EMT). If you would like to request a refund please review our refunding webpage for more information on how to submit a request.

Those who complete and submit this form grant Wilfrid Laurier University the authorization to use provided account information from a Canadian banking institution to complete direct deposit setup to their Laurier student financial account.

Authorization Steps

  1. Use LORIS (Personal Information > Direct Deposit Banking Information) to check if your Laurier student financial account is already set up for direct deposit.
    • If you are already set up for direct deposit and the information on the system is accurate, proceed directly to requesting your refund using the Refund Request Form.
    • If you are not set up for direct deposit or the information on the system is not/no longer accurate, continue to submit a void cheque or a pre-authorized debit information sheet via this authorization form.
  2. Once completed and LORIS now indicates that your account is set up for direct deposit, request your refund using the Refund Request Form.

Direct Deposit Guidelines

To avoid setup delays, read the guidelines and acknowledgements outlined in full:

  • Handwritten/manually typed banking information without a bank branch stamp verifying accuracy will not be processed.
    • It is recommended that you submit a void cheque or a direct deposit information sheet supplied to you by your bank where your account information is pre-filled for you. Most of these sheets can be request by logging in to your account online through your financial institution.
  • Information submitted must clearly show that the account is in the student's name or direct deposit setup will not be processed.
    • Refunds are processed to the student only. If a student has received a payment to their financial account made by another individual, it remains the student's responsibility to request a refund and to personally handle any matters once the refund has been received.

OSAP Students: Direct deposit information you have submitted with your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement for the Ontario Student Assistance Program is not retained with your Laurier student financial account and you are required to submit this form to set up direct deposit in order to receive your refund. 

Submitting this form will also update your direct deposit information with the Payroll Office for student employment.