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Plan Your Travels

You're almost here! This resource will help you know what to do when you arrive at the airport and offer suggestions of how you can get from the airport to the Waterloo or Brantford campuses. You are required to arrange your own transportation from the airport to your campus of study. 

At the Airport

You will most likely arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport. When you arrive:

  • Fill out and identify yourself on the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Declaration Card before you pass through customs.
    • Provide the Canadian government with a record of what you are bringing into the country. If you do not report the items you are brining into Canada, you can face legal action.
  • Go through the steps to officially enter Canada.
  • Expect immigration officers to ask you questions and be ready to present any documents they ask for.
  • Contact your family to let them know you have arrived safely. You can use the free Wi-Fi at the airport to get in touch.

Getting to Waterloo

Airport Shuttle

Laurier offers international students arriving in Toronto a reduced-rate, airport pick-up through Airways Transit. You must reserve Airways Transit's pick-up service as soon as you know the date and time of your flight. The rate is $89 one way, taxes included. 

The trip from Toronto Pearson International Airport to the Waterloo campus is about one-and-a-half hours.

Reserve Your Shuttle

To make your reservation, you will need:

  • Your flight information (airline, flight number, arrival time).
  • The address of your destination in Waterloo, or the name of your residence building.
  • A credit card number.
  • The reduced fare code WLUINTL 2018 (enter exactly as shown).

Greyhound Bus

You may choose to take a Greyhound bus to Waterloo from the Toronto terminal at Bay and Dundas Streets. If you choose this option, the destination city is Kitchener.

Once you arrive at the Kitchener bus terminal, there will be transit buses, operated by Grand River Transit, which will bring you to Laurier.

Traveling by bus to Laurier can take several hours and requires you to transfer from a Greyhound bus to a Grand River Transit bus. Be sure to check the schedules and plan accordingly.

Getting to Brantford

Airport Shuttle

Airlink Transportation offers a reduced single passenger fare of $95 one way, taxes included, to Laurier students. They provide a 24/7, door-to-door shared ride service.

Reserve Your Shuttle

To make your reservation you will need:

  • Your flight information (airline, flight number, arrival time).
  • The address of your destination in Brantford.
  • A credit card number.
  • A telephone number.
  • The booking code WLUINTL 2018 (enter exactly as shown in the comments section of your booking form).

Once you have submitted your reservation online and provided credit card information for payment, Airlink will email you a confirmation.

You can also call them directly at 1.877.405.8278. When communicating by telephone, please clearly identify yourself as a Laurier student and offer the booking code. 

Via Rail

You can take a train from Union Station in downtown Toronto directly to the Brantford Via Rail station for about $45.

If you need transportation from the airport to the train station, Metrolinx offers a service called UPExpress which will take you directly from Pearson International Airport to Union Station for about $12, one way.

Greyhound Bus

You can take a Greyhound bus from Toronto to Brantford. Greyhound offers service between downtown Toronto and Brantford.