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Education and Events

We offer a range of training, programs and events at each campus. All members of the Laurier community are welcome (students, staff and faculty).

Upcoming Workshops and Events

In light of COVID-19, Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management continues to offer programming virtually.

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Sexual Violence Response Certificate



Are you interested in learning how to build safer spaces for individuals impacted by gendered and sexual violence? The Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management offers a series of virtual workshops that focus on building our knowledge and skills to respond to disclosures and build solidarity for survivors.

This program will run from October 4th, 2021 to December 6th 2021, and consists of nine workshops. Anyone is welcome to attend any workshop, but students who attend six of the nine workshops will receive a Sexual Violence Response Certificate through their Laurier Experience Record.

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Upcoming Events

Online Training

A critical part of Laurier's commitment working towards the elimination of gendered and sexual violence is to make resources available to educate the community to better support survivors and respond to gendered and sexual violence. We will continue to provided online learning opportunities to increase our collective awareness of sexual violence in order to create a safer, caring, and more accountable campus for all.

Recorded Events and Workshops

Missed one of our speakers or previous workshops? Take a look a some of the recordings we have below!