Final Exam Proctor Form

The proctor form is for Laurier students registered in Online Learning courses (OC) who live more than 100km from the Waterloo and Brantford campus.

  • Students registered to write their final exams at the Laurier Waterloo or Laurier Brantford campus please do not fill out this form. 

Proctor Requirements

Proctors must be one of the following:

  • Professor of a university.
  • University examination officer.
  • Test centre.
  • Embassy or consulate.
  • Principal of a secondary or primary school, or professor of a college (Canada only).

Proctors must not be related to the student in any way and must not reside at the same address.


Your proctor must fill out this form.

Important: This final exam proctor form is not valid for midterm examinations. Submit the Midterm Exam Proctor Form to the Online Learning Office.

Familiarize yourself with proctored examination guidelines and requirements prior to submitting this form.


  • Fall 2019 (December 7-20):                                           Nov 29  
  • Winter 2020 (April 8-28):                                              Mar 27                                    
  • Intersession 2020 (6 week courses - June 18-22):       May 29
  • Spring 2020 (12 week courses - July 31, Aug 4-13):      July 17
  • Summer 2020 (6 week courses - August 20-22):         July 31

Deadline dates are fixed and forms submitted after the deadline date will not be accepted.