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Proctored Exams

Proctored Exam Criteria

Students in online and remote courses in Fall 2021 who are writing an in-person final exam will either be directed to:

  1. Write the final exam as scheduled at the Waterloo or Brantford campus, or
  2. Arrange for a proctored final exam if you are located more than 100 km from campus and are not able to come to campus to write the exam (see full process below).

NOTE: if you elected to receive an alternative assessment during the AI-driven remote proctoring Option Period, you were asked to indicate if you are within 100 km of campus and thus able to complete an in-person assessment on campus. The location of your in-person exam - either on-campus or at your location - will be based on these student responses.

If you live within 100 km of the campus where the exam will be held, you are expected to write all exams on campus.

If you arrive at an exam centre other than the one you indicate, you may not be accommodated. You must bring your Laurier identification to your exam.

The deadline to change final exam locations is one week prior to the start of exams. To receive permission to write a final exam at an alternate Laurier campus or location (the Toronto campus is not an acceptable exam centre), email Final Exams and indicate that you would like to change exam centres to either the Brantford or Waterloo campus (if available).

Arranging a Proctored Exam

If you live more than 100 km from Brantford or Waterloo, arrange for a proctored exam at your location.

You will be responsible for making arrangements and paying for your own proctor and any associated fees (e.g., courier fees). Always confirm proctor fees and dates when making arrangements.

Fill out the appropriate proctor form below and send it to us by the due date (noted below). Late submissions will not be accepted and you will you have to apply for a deferred exam

Proctor Form Deadlines (Final Exams):

  • Fall 2021 (Exams Dec. 11-22): Nov. 22


  • The proctor form is only for students writing Laurier final exams off campus. You must live more than 100 kms from the campus where the exam will be held be eligible to write your exam off-campus with a proctor.
  • Please note the proctor requirements noted below.
  • Each student must find his or her own proctor.
  • Multiple students cannot use the same proctor.
  • The proctor must be present for the complete duration of the exam sitting.


If you are a student registered with Accessible Learning and would like to access accommodations for an in-person exam on the Waterloo or Brantford campus, please follow regular Accessible Learning booking procedures and deadlines. If you live more than 100km from campus and are writing at an alternate location, please contact the exam team on your campus so they can confirm your exam accommodations with the proctor you've arranged for ( in Waterloo; in Brantford).

International Exams

If you are writing an exam internationally (not in Canada), email Final Exams to check that the proctor you have selected is accredited and will be accepted. This must be sent prior to the deadline date to allow enough time for verification and/or alternate selections to be made.

Students are not allowed to change the exam dates and times.

Proctor Requirements

In general, proctors must be one of the following:

  • Professor of a university.
  • University examination officer.
  • Testing centre.
  • Embassy or consulate.
  • Principal of a secondary or primary school, or professor of a college (Canada only).

Proctors must not be related to the student in any way and must not reside at the same address.

Proctors Outside Canada and the United States

Students writing outside of Canada and the United States are required to write with an accredited university under the supervision of an approved professor in good standing. Documentation from the overseas institution is mandatory. The university and proctor must be approved before examination materials will be mailed.

Responsibilities of the Student

  • Pay any fees charged by the proctor.
  • Pay any shipping costs to send the exam back to the Final Exams Office.
  • Write the exam using the appointed proctor, on the scheduled date.
  • Submit the Final Exam Proctor Form (see above for more information) and the proctor's proof of employment letter (if required; for further information, contact the Final Examinations Office) by the deadline.

Responsibilities of the Proctor

  • If required, submit a letter from your department chair, dean, principal, or human resource department as proof of employment (without this, the exam will not be sent).
  • Invigilate the exam on university, college, or school property on the scheduled date and time.
  • Follow the rules and regulations for the writing of examinations set by Wilfrid Laurier University.

Non-Laurier Students

If you are a non-Laurier student who requires a proctor to write an exam at Laurier's Brantford campus, complete the Non-Laurier Student Exam Proctor Request Form.

The fee for invigilation services is $75 per exam and payment will be collected on your scheduled exam date. You will be contacted by a member of our exam team within two business days of submitting the form.