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Student Profiles

Current PhDs

Current PhD students and their ongoing research:

  • Bowles, Christopher. “Representing Ekaentouton: The Political, Economic and Social Remaking of Manitoulin Island.” Supervisor: Suzanne Zeller.
  • Brewer, Paul. “The Descent of Disco: An Atlantic Trajectory.” Supervisor: David Monod. Current status: on leave.
  • Calow, Keith. “The Origins, Establishment, and Early Work of the Court Martial Appeals Board of the Canadian Armed Forces, c. 1945-60.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty.
  • Cross, Gwenith. “Managing Modern Childbirth: Medical Science, Technology and Midwifery in Ontario, 1897-1950." Supervisor: Cynthia Comacchio.
  • Deuxberry, Zachary. “Anglo-American Relations and the Road to the Pacific War 1919-1941.” Supervisor: Blaine Chiasson.
  • Edwards, Janice. “Mau Mau and Mississippi: A Case Study for Comparative Global History.” Supervisor: Jeff Grischow.
  • Falcon, Kyle. “The Ghost Story of the Great War: Spiritualism, Psychical Research and the British War Experience, 1914-1939.” Supervisor: Peter Farrugia.
  • Ford, Trevor. “Who Watches the Watchers?: Canadian Military Intelligence, the State, and Society, 1866-1922.” Supervisor: Mark Humphries.
  • Granato, Rebecca. Dissertation topic: Palestinian political prisoners in Israel, ca 1970s. Supervisor: Gavin Brockett.
  • Muller, Ian. “Blacklist Dodgers: Anti-communism and Canadian-American Relations.” Supervisor: Kevin Spooner.
  • Rosenthal, Lyndsay. “Sex in the Trenches: Soldier's Sexual Identity in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, 1914-1918.” Supervisor: Mark Humphries.
  • Scurr, D. Cory. Dissertation topic: Diefenbaker and Human Rights. Supervisor: Kevin Spooner.
  • Stace, Trevor. “Miners, Managers, and Markets: The Coal Economies of Mid-West Canada, 1920-1940.” Supervisor: Rob Kristofferson.
  • Stolarz, Rafal. “Nature Protection in Bialowieza Forest.” Supervisor: Eva Plach.
  • Symes, Matthew. “Athena's Sportsmen: Recreational Sport, Idealized Masculinity, and the Training of Canadian Soldiers, 1939-45.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty.
  • Tavenor, Joshua. “Climate and Capitalism: English Perceptions of Newfoundland's Environment and Use.” Supervisor: Suzanne Zeller and David Smith.
  • Taylor, Nadina. “The Development of Money in Early Modern France.” Supervisor: Darryl Dee.
  • Wiseman, Matthew. “The Science of Defence: Cold War Culture and Canadian Security, 1947-74.” Supervisor: Kevin Spooner.

Completed PhDs

  • Adema, Seth (April 2016), "More than Stone and Iron: Indigenous History and Incarceration in Canada, 1834-1996." Supervisor: Susan Neylan.
  • Balkilic, Ozgur (2015), "For the Union Makes Us Strong: The Istanbul Metal Workers and their Struggle for Unionization, 1947-1970.” Supervisor: Gavin Brockett.
  • Caravaggio, Angelo (2009), “Commanding the Green Line in Normandy: A Case Study of Division Command in the Second World War.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty.
  • Connor, Steven (2007), “Golden Pheasants and Eastern Kings: The German Civil Administration in the Occupied Soviet Union, 1941-44.” Supervisor: Erich Haberer.
  • Cundy, Alyssa (2015), "A 'Weapon of Starvation': The Politics, Propaganda, and Morality of Britain's Hunger Blockade of Germany, 1914-1919.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty.
  • Downey, D. Allan (2014), “The Creator's Game: Aboriginal Racialized Identities in Canada's Colonial Age, 1844-1990.” Supervisor: Susan Neylan.
  • Fransen, Bert (2015), “The Rise and Fall of Canada's Cold War Air Force, 1948-1968.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty.
  • Gal, Andrea (2016), “Grassroots Consumption: Ontario Farm Families' Consumption Practices, 1900-1945.” Supervisor: Adam Crerar.
  • Greavette, Gordon (2013), “The Politics of Munitions Production in Canada, 1914-16.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty.
  • Harris, Tavis (2013), “Treaty is better than a Battleship: Canada, Autonomy and Interwar Naval Disarmament.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty.
  • Leddy, Lianne C. (2011), “Cold War colonialism: The Serpent River First Nation and uranium mining, 1953-1988.” Supervisor: Susan Neylan.
  • Maas, Frank (2014), “Pierre Trudeau and the Leopard Main Battle Tank.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty.
  • Miller, Ian Hugh Maclean (2000), “‘Our glory and our grief’: Toronto and the Great War (Ontario).” Supervisor: Terry Copp.
  • Priestman, Karen (2009), “Illusion of Coexistence: The Waldorf schools in the Third Reich, 1933-1941.” Supervisor: Erich Haberer.
  • Quirk, Laura (2007), “The Thompsons’ town: Family, industry, and Material Culture in Indiana, Ontario 1830-1900.” Supervisor: Cynthia Comacchio.
  • Sager, Jason (2008), “Devotion and the political: Sermon and devotional literature in the reigns of Henri IV and Louis XIII, 1598-1643.” Supervisor: Peter Goddard.
  • Sheffield, Robert Scott (2000), “Winning the war, winning the peace: The image of the ‘Indian’ in English-Canada, 1930-1948.” Supervisor: Terry Copp.
  • Smith, Barbara (2008), “The Rules of Engagement: German Women and British Occupiers, 1945-49.” Supervisor: Erich Haberer.
  • Wakelam, Randall Thomas (2006), “Operational research in RAF Bomber Command, 1941-1945.” Supervisor: Terry Copp.
  • Whalen, Jane (2013), “Wasting Away: The Impact of Policy and Policymakers on the Rise of Tuberculosis in Aboriginal Communities, 1867-1945.” Supervisor: Susan Neylan.
  • Wood, James A. (2007), “The Sense of Duty: Canadian Ideas of the Citizen Soldier, 1896-1917.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty.
  • Wood, Whitney (2016), “Birth Pangs: Maternity, Medicine, and Feminine 'Delicacy' in English Canada, 1867-1950.” Supervisor: Cynthia Comacchio.