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MABE Graduate Research

All MABE students must undertake a Major Research Paper (MRP) in the third academic term of study. This paper will involve the application of economic analysis to some policy or question.

In this course, students are expected to apply many of the skills that have been stressed throughout the program.

Students are encouraged to consider possible topics for their MRP during the second academic term or while on their Co-op work term (if applicable). Students are permitted to choose research topics related to their Co-op work placements; however, it is important that students choose topics for which suitable supervisors are available.

The most recent MRP abstracts can be found below, as well as an archive of previous abstracts.

Major Research Paper Abstracts
NameResearch Paper TitleSupervisor
Donovan Colombe Estimating the Impact of the Change in Age of Eligibility for Old Age Security (OAS) on Hours of Work Dr. Tammy Schirle
Hyun Jun Joo Automobile Consumer Behaviour in Response to the Changes in Gasoline Price Dr. Bradley Ruffle
Jordan Kafka Buying Into the War on Terror Dr. Bradley Ruffle
Lucas Laskey Gasoline and Diesel Responses to Excise Tax and Non-Excise Tax Price Changes Dr. David Johnson
Maxine Le Breton Rental Premium from Green Certified Buildings in the United States Dr. Tracy Snoddon
Tariro Mudehwe The Effect of Exchange Rates on Investment in Machinery and Equipment in Canada: An Empirical Analysis Dr. Wing Chan
Joseline Nicholas Light Rail Transit and Property Values in Kitchener-Waterloo Dr. David Johnson
Chadwick Poon Rehabilitation by Default in Anonymous Online Interactions: A Field Experiment on Dota2 Dr. Bradley Ruffle
Adam Staszewski A Regime-Switching Approach to Herding Behaviour in Canadian REITs Dr. Wing Chan
Zidi Yang Fiscal Fatigue and Fiscal Sustainability Dr. Christos Shiamptanis