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Student Research Publications

Several Master of Arts in Business Economics (MABE) students have published scholarly papers based on work undertaken in the program. These include:
  • Duffy, Paul, and Susan Johnson. 2009. “The Impact of Anti-Temporary Replacement Legislation on Work Stoppages: Empirical Evidence from Canada.” Canadian Public Policy 35 (1): 99–120.
  • Essaji, Azim, and Kinya Fujiwara. 2012. “Contracting Institutions and Product Quality.” Journal of Comparative Economics 40 (2): 269–78.
  • Essaji, Azim, Gregory Sweeney, and Alexandros Kotsopoulos. 2010. “Equality through Exposure to Imports: International Trade and the Racial Wage Gap.” Journal of Economic Policy Reform 13 (4): 313–23.
  • Johnson, David R., and Fiona T. Rahman. 2005. “The Role of Economic Factors, Including the Level of Tuition, in Individual University Participation Decisions in Canada.” Canadian Journal of Higher Education 35 (3): 101–27.
  • Neill, Christine, and Michal Burdzy. 2010. “Natural Resource Shocks, Labour Market Conditions and Post-Secondary Enrolment Rates.” In Pursuing Higher Education in Danada: Economic, Social and Policy Dimensions, edited by Ross Finnie, Richard Mueller, Marc Frenette, and Arthur Sweetman. Kingston, ON: Queen’s University School of Policy Studies.
  • Siklos, Pierre L. 1998. “Inflation Target Design, Changing Inflation Performance and Persistence in Industrial Countries.” Changing Inflation Performance and Persistence in Industrial Countries (November 1998).
  • Siklos, Pierre L., and Brady Lavender. 2015. “The Credit Cycle and the Business Cycle in Canada and the United States: Two Solitudes?” Canadian Public Policy 41 (2): 109–23.
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