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MABE Graduate Research

All MABE students must undertake a Major Research Paper (MRP) in the third academic term of study. This paper will involve the application of economic analysis to some policy or question.

In this course, students are expected to apply many of the skills that have been stressed throughout the program.

Students are encouraged to consider possible topics for their MRP during the second academic term or while on their Co-op work term (if applicable). Students are permitted to choose research topics related to their Co-op work placements; however, it is important that students choose topics for which suitable supervisors are available. Please consult our Faculty Research Specializations page when looking for MRP supervisors. 

The most recent MRP abstracts can be found below, as well as an archive of previous abstracts.

Major Research Paper Abstracts - Spring 2022 Convocation
Name Research Paper Title Supervisor
Tarek Attia Adolescent Psychopathy and Juvenile Recidivism Antonella Mancino
Zhao Chen Parental Valuation on School Quality and Family Income in Vancouver 2015 Antonella Mancino
Jinpeng Guan How Sales and Use Tax Exclusion Program Impacts the Vehicle Manufacturing Company's Stock Performance Nikolai Cook
Ziyao Lan  What is the Effect of Teacher Quality on U.S. Children's Early Learning? Justin Smith
Dongxu Sun  The Impact of Monetary Policy on Corporate Investment in North America: Evidence From COVID-19 Wendy Wu
Solanch Tamayo Alvare  The Impact of COVID-19 on Voting Behaviour in the 2020 US Presidential Election Maria Gallego
Yalian Xu  Gender Differences in the Impact of COVID-19 In-Person School Closures on Employment in the Canadian Labour Market Tammy Schirle 
Jingqi Zhu  Empirical Analysis for Testing Balassa Samuelson Hypothesis as a Determinant of Long-Run Real Exchange Rates in China Ke Pang