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MABE Graduate Research

All MABE students must undertake a Major Research Paper (MRP) in the third academic term of study. This paper will involve the application of economic analysis to some policy or question.

In this course, students are expected to apply many of the skills that have been stressed throughout the program.

Students are encouraged to consider possible topics for their MRP during the second academic term or while on their Co-op work term (if applicable). Students are permitted to choose research topics related to their Co-op work placements; however, it is important that students choose topics for which suitable supervisors are available. Please consult our Faculty Research Specializations page when looking for MRP supervisors. 

The most recent MRP abstracts can be found below, as well as an archive of previous abstracts.

Major Research Paper Abstracts - Fall 2021 Convocation
Name Research Paper Title Supervisor
Daqian Bai The Impact of Rainfall Variation on School Enrolment in Brazil Ridwan Karim
Adam Grewe  Examining the Impact that Ethnic Diversity Has on Mental Health in Canada Logan McLeod
Yakun Huang Predicting the Impacts of the COVID-19 Epidemic on Canadian Food Supply Chains: A Case Study of the Lobster Industry in Nova Scotia  Victor Shi
Peiyuan Li
*Gold Medal nominee
Can We Find Evidence of Information Rigidity in Expected Wage Growth Using the Canadian Survey of Consumer Expectations? Edda Claus
Zewen Li  Vietnam 2011 Minimum Wage Reform and Labor Market Outcomes Brian McCaig 
Xuecong Tang  Comparative Study: The Changes of the Determinants of Chinese FDI in Africa from 2003 to 2019 Azim Essaji 
Daniel Turner  The Effects of Special Economic Zones on Business Investment in Vietnamese Firms Brian McCaig 
Tiantian Wang  The Impact of COVID-19 on the Employment Status of Students in 2020 Tammy Schirle 
Xiangyan Yao  The Impacts of COVID-19 on Canada's Trade Flows Jeff Chan 
Nikolina Zivkovic  Is It Just When the US Sneezes That the World Catches a Cold? Monetary Policy Spillovers on the Swiss Economy Stephen Snudden