Faculty of Arts Course Override Form

Complete the Faculty of Arts Course Override Form if you are requesting a prerequisite, major/program, year-level, capacity, or campus override for courses in the Faculty of Arts.

If you have questions about the overrides mentioned in this form or degree requirements for a particular program, contact the program’s undergraduate advisor or Arts Advising at artsadvising@wlu.ca

Override Process

  • You must complete a separate form for each override request.
  • The completion of this form does not guarantee entry into a course. Each request will be considered by the undergraduate advisor of the program in which the course is housed.
  • Overrides of registration time tickets are not permitted. In addition, if a course has a waitlist, a capacity override is not permitted.

Use the Course Builder to find information about courses, including restrictions and the course’s CRN number (needed for all override requests).

Specific Program Processes

Some programs in the Faculty of Arts are not represented in the form below. If you are in any of the following programs, make sure you follow these specific processes.

  • Communication Studies. Due to high demand for CS courses, overrides are not permitted. For more information, contact csaadv@wlu.ca.
  • Geography and Environmental Studies. For GES courses (GG, GL, GESC, and ES), contact the program academic advisors directly. Contact Dr. Sioui, msioui@wlu.ca, for ES and GESC queries and Dr. Roberts, sroberts@wlu.ca, for GG, GL and GESC courses.
    • In your email message, you must include:
      • your Laurier ID and email address
      • course number and CRN, including lab section and CRN if applicable
      • the type of override you are requesting
    • Note that due to the nature of the prerequisite structure of GES programs and courses, applying for an override is not automatic and may not be granted. Year-level overrides are not provided for first-year students to take second-year GG elective courses.
  • Languages and Literatures. Complete the Course Override Request Form specific to the program for all courses with the following course codes: AB, FR, GM, IT, LA, LL, MI, SP.