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Arts Advising

Academic Advising:

With new information from the President's Office regarding the discontinuation of in-person instruction. All in-person advising has been suspended until further notice. However, ONLINE ADVISING appointments are now available (See next paragraph). Questions can also be sent to We ask for your patience as will do our best to respond to all inquiries during this particularly busy time.

Book an online appointment with an Arts Advisor:

Students can now book an Arts Academic Advising appointment online.  Online appointments can be booked with either of our Arts Advisors Jenna Overzet or Alison McLaren.  Appointments will continue to open up on a weekly basis and will be administered using Microsoft Teams or by phone.  Our advisors meet primarily with students in their first year and General BA students.  If you are a senior year student with a major and have questions regarding progression, please connect with your Arts Undergrad Advisor, listed below.

Importanting information will continue to be available on MyLearningSpace. Please log into MLS and look for the heading: Arts Advising.  Please check regularly for Academic FAQ's, Associate Dean Announcements and Advising Updates.  

Please make sure you are in the right place for advising. (e.g. Students with BA in Psychology, fall under Science Academic Advising and students with a BA in Economics, fall under the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics.)

Arts Undergrad Advisor Contacts:

Anthropology Sara Matthews
Archaeology, Heritage Studies Deb Foran  
Communication Studies, Cultural Studies Jonathan Finn 
English Markus Poetzsch
Environmental Studies Miguel Sioui 
Film Studies Katherine Spring 
Geography Steven Roberts  
Global Studies Joanne Benham Rennick
History, Ancient Studies Amy Milne-Smith 
International Education Studies Steve Sider 
Languages & Literatures Simona Pruteanu 
Medieval & Medievalism Studies Chris Nighman 
Philosophy Ashwani Peetush 
Political Science and North American Studies Patti Goff 
Religion and Culture Meena Sharify-Funk 
Sociology Dana Sawchuk 
Strategies for Academic Success Crystal Shadwell 
Sussex Law Patti Goff 
Women and Gender Studies Jenna Hennebry 


Book an appointment

CLICK HERE to book an online arts advising appointment with either Jenna Overzet or Alison McLaren.