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Arts Advising

Book an Appointment with an Arts Academic Advisor

Students looking to meet with an academic advisor can book an appointment through the Arts Booking Calendar.

Academic Advising is only available by booking an appointment. There is currently NO DROP-IN advising available.  Appointments are released every Friday for the following week (so please check back on Fridays if appointments are booked up). Our advisors meet primarily with general BA students, and students in their first year. Senior students are encouraged to meet with their program undergrad advisor (see contact list below).

Students are encouraged to check out our weekly online advising chats posted every week on MyLearningSpace. Further questions can be sent to Additional resources are also available:


2021-2022 Arts Undergraduate Advisor Contacts 

If you are a senior year student with a major and have questions regarding progression, connect with your program's Arts Undergraduate Advisor.

Note: Students with BA in Psychology, BA in Biology or BA in Geography or Environmental Studies should contact Faculty of Science advising, and students with BA in Economics should contact Lazaridis School of Business and Economics advising.

Book an appointment

Are you a first year student? Undeclared? Or a General BA student?

Book an appointment with one of our academic advisors through the following link:

Arts Advising Booking Calendar

Appointments are available through the following methods:

  • Virtually (via Microsoft Teams)
  • Phone

Top 5 Reasons You Should See an Academic Advisor

  1. Develop an academic plan.
  2. Verify that you are meeting your degree requirements.
  3. Explore the requirements for a minor or major.
  4. Clarify academic regulations, policies and procedures.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the resources available in case you are experiencing academic, financial, medical or personal difficulties.