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Arts Advising

Academic Advising:

With new information from the President's Office regarding the discontinuation of in-person instruction in all courses, we ask that students check the dedicated Arts Advising page on MyLearningSpace. All in-person advising has been suspended until further notice. Questions can also be sent to We ask for your patience as will do our best to respond to all inquiries during this particularly busy time.

Arts Advising on MLS:

On-line Arts Academic Advising will be available on MyLearningSpace. Please log into MLS and look for the heading: Arts Advising.  In addition to on-line advising, please check regularly for Academic FAQ's, Associate Dean Announcements and Advising Updates.   

We feel this measure should be taken in order to help protect the health of both students and staff. Please follow this practice until in-person classes have resumed.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Arts Advising Team.

Please make sure you are in the right place for advising. (e.g. Students with BA in Psychology, fall under Science Academic Advising and students with a BA in Economics, fall under the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics.)

Arts Undergrad Advisor Contacts:

Anthropology Tanya Richardson x3865
Archaeology, Heritage Studies Scott Gallimore  x4260  
Communication Studies, Cultural Studies Jonathan Finn x2806 or x4230 
English Markus Poetzsch x2363
Environmental Studies Jim Hamilton x2061 
Film Studies Katherine Spring x4149 
Geography Steven Roberts x2420  
Global Studies Alex Latta x3115
History, Ancient Studies Amy Milne-Smith x4254 
International Education Studies Steve Sider x2832 
Languages & Literatures Simona Pruteanu x4181 
Medieval & Medievalism Studies Chris Nighman x3134 
Philosophy Gary Foster x2314 
Political Science and North American Studies Andrea Brown x2194 
Religion and Culture Abderrahman Beggar x2839 
Sociology Linda Quirke x2378 
Strategies for Academic Success Crystal Shadwell x2048 
Sussex Law Chris Anderson x2200 
Women and Gender Studies Jenna Hennebry x3116