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Academic Advising

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Academic advising is for all students; those who are facing challenges, and those who are doing well. Laurier currently offers students the ability to visit central academic advisors, program specific faculty advisors, professional staff advisors or even their associate deans. Our mission is for undergraduate academic advising to support and enable students to create, refine and realize an academic plan that is informed by and aligned with their goals and aspirations, with the expectation that students are responsible for their academic path.

Laurier defines student success as the realization of four mutually reinforcing goals:

  • academic achievement
  • acceptance of responsibility
  • community engagement
  • health and well-being

Accessing Academic Advising in Waterloo

At the Waterloo campus, undergraduate academic advising is available at the following levels:

Accessing Academic Advising in Brantford

Undergraduate academic advising for Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, Lazaridis School of Business and Economics (BTM students), and Faculty of Social Work students is conducted centrally at the Brantford campus. Visit Brantford campus advising for further information.

Graduate Academic Advising

All graduate students should see their program advisor for program questions.