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Online Exams

*Please note that "exam" refers to all timed assessments including quizzes, tests, midterms, and final exams

Accessing Accommodations for Online Exams

There is no need to book online exams with the Accessible Learning Centre unless:

  • the instructor is using lockdown browser and access to assistive technology is required (e.g. Kurzweil/reading software, Dragon/dictation software) or
  • the class is in-person and the exam is being written in the classroom during class time and access to accommodations (i.e., extra time) is required

If any of the above apply, be sure to follow the exam procedures, adhering to the established deadlines. 


Assistive Technology for Online Exams

If you are writing an exam in My Learning Space that will be using Respondus LockDown Browser and you require assistive technology, you will be scheduled to write virtually proctored by the ALC. Students requiring virtual proctoring are required to participate in a one-time virtually proctoring orientation session to ensure they are aware of Accessible Learning processes and expectations as well as to address any technological issues before the exam date. Booking your exams well in advance will ensure time to schedule this orientation.

Checking Extra Time Accommodations for Online Exams

Break Accommodations

Faculty-Approved Memory Aid or Faculty-Approved Formula Sheet Accommodation

If a Faculty-Approved Memory Aid is part of your exam accommodations and you will be using one during an online exam, please ensure you show the (pre-approved) memory aid slowly to the camera. Please do this for both sides of the paper. Your instructor will then be able to view your memory aid after you have completed your exam, via the video recording. 


Questions/Concerns: If you have any questions or concerns about how a specific accommodation will work for any of your online exams, students are strongly encouraged to contact their consultant as early in the term as possible.