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Master's Program Requirements

Note: University regulations apply to all students at Laurier. If there is any discrepancy between the program or progression requirements outlined on this page and those in the university's academic calendars, the academic calendars are the official sources of information. The information below is from the latest calendar, and you may be following progression requirements from an earlier calendar. Students are responsible for checking the appropriate calendar. Contact your program coordinator should you notice any discrepancies.

MA candidates in English and Film Studies can choose among three options to complete their study:

All students must complete EN600, a one-term (0.5-credit) seminar in Research Methods, Theory and Professionalization (graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory).

Course Work Option

We offer students the opportunity to complete the degree in eight months by choosing the course work option. Students who choose the course work option will complete seven one-term (0.5-credit) courses and EN600.

Major Research Paper

Master’s students in English and Film Studies who choose the Major Research Paper (MRP) option are required to complete:

  • EN600 (Research Methods, Theory and Professionalization),
  • six one term (0.5-credit) courses, and
  • EN695 (Major Research Paper), which is equivalent to a one-term (0.5-credit) course.

Research Paper Requirements

The Major Research Paper (MRP) is shorter than a thesis (40-50 pages) and provides a well-researched analysis of a research question that offers a fresh perspective on material in the discipline of English and/or Film Studies.

Proposals for MRPs are due Dec. 5 each year, and are subject to the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee.


  • There is no oral defence associated with this MRP; the paper is supervised and graded by a single professor with expertise in the area of focus. Should students fail to submit a passing MRP by Aug. 1, they must then complete the degree through course work.
  • Unlike a Directed Study (EN690), in which students meet weekly with a professor, the MRP relies more heavily on independent research and writing.

Professional Skills Option

Our Professional Skills Option is designed to provide master’s students with a unique opportunity for supervised practical application of studies in English and Film.

In addition to providing direct experience and an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired through coursework in literary and filmic studies, professional skills placements bring candidates face-to-face with concrete situations and professional working environments. This work-integrated learning course is designed to improve students’ employment prospects and labour market outcomes.

The Professional Skills Option is offered in the spring term (May to June) and cannot be taken in conjunction with the Major Research Paper option.


Master’s students in English and Film Studies who choose the Professional Skills Option are required to take:

  • EN600 (Research Methods, Theory and Professionalization),
  • six one-term (0.5-credit) courses, and
  • the placement, which is equivalent to a one-term course: 0.5 credit.

Placement Examples

Recent placements include:

  • Laurier's Communications and Public Affairs office
  • Library Archives
  • Grand River Jazz Society
  • Grand River Film Society
  • New Quarterly Journal

Directed Studies

Directed Studies courses are subject to the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee. They are reserved for exceptional circumstances. Proposals for Directed Studies courses for the fall term must be received must be received by Aug. 15; proposals for the winter term must be received by Nov. 15.