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Muslim Studies Option

Since fall 2009, Wilfrid Laurier University has been pleased to offer an interdisciplinary undergraduate Muslim Studies Option in the Faculty of Arts, housed in the Department of Religion and Culture. By engaging the textual sources and interpretive traditions of Islam as well as the social and historical context of Muslim experiences, this program provides opportunities to develop new, integrative approaches to pedagogy and learning in a dynamic and expanding area of study.

What is the Muslim Studies Option?

The Muslim Studies Option consists of a minimum of 4.0 credits. Students must complete the two required core courses (1.0 credit) and a minimum of 3.0 Elective credits. In order to graduate, a GPA of 6.00 (C+) in the courses included in the Muslim Studies Option is required. Completion of the option requirements will result in a “Muslim Studies Option” designation on a student’s transcript and degree. Muslim Studies strongly encourages the study of languages other than English as an integral part of studying Muslims in the modern world.

For Muslim Studies students who take first-year language courses during their second, third, or fourth year of study, and who have already accumulated 6.0 junior credits, these courses will not be counted toward the maximum 6.0 limit on first-year credits. Language courses may be taken at Laurier, at other recognized universities in Canada, or abroad on a letter of permission and with the prior written consent of the Muslim Studies program coordinator. Language courses are courses that are not taught in English, and focus on grammar, verbal and written communication skills in a second language. Students are advised to seek advice from the program coordinator about different study possibilities.