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Master's Program

Religion, Culture and Global Justice (MA) 

Welcome to the Religion, Culture and Gloabal Justice MA Program! Our Master of Arts (MA) in Religion and Culture and Global Studies program examines how religious thinkers, traditions, practices and ideologies inform global processes, social movements, intercultural interactions, community formation, individual identity and other aspects of contemporary life.  

Our focus is on the present, but not without knowledge of the past. Our graduate seminars examine the many histories implicated in religious processes to enable a deeper understanding of the place of religion in today’s global communities.

We are committed to creative teaching and strive to foster the spirit of free inquiry, the determination to pose probing questions, and the critical skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed.

The Department of Religion and Culture has ties to the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and one of the department members is a CIGI research chair. The department also offers, with the University of Waterloo, a PhD program in Religious Studies that focuses on religious diversity in North America.

Faculty Research Areas

Active scholars, faculty members in the Department of Religion and Culture have expertise in fields that include:

  • Global Christianity
  • Christian origins
  • Islam, especially contemporary Islamic thought
  • African diasporic religions
  • South Asian religions
  • Caribbean religions
  • Aboriginal religions
  • Buddhism in North America
  • Religion among immigrant and refugee communities
  • Multiculturalism
  • Psychology and religion
  • Religion and popular culture
  • Food and religion
  • Gender, sexuality and religion

Program Options

All students follow one of two streams in the Master of Arts in Religion, Culture and Global Justice: the course stream or the thesis stream. Students are initially admitted into the course stream. Admission to the thesis stream is granted upon the successful completion of an accepted thesis proposal.