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Faculty and Staff

How We Can Help

For information on incomplete coursework, letter requests and the Graduate Student Appeals Committee, contact Shanna Howse.

For information on student funding from grants and internal resources, progression and academic misconduct, contact Amanda Kristensen.

For information about external graduate student scholarship competitions and postdoctoral fellowship competitions, contact Cherie Mongeon.

To request a meeting with the associate vice-president and dean or for information on doctoral defences, contact Corri Daniels.

Staff List

Douglas Deutschman
Professor, Biology
Associate Vice-President and Dean, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Brent Wolfe
Professor, Geography
Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Helen Paret
Senior Administrative Officer

Corri Daniels
Administrative Assistant to the Dean​

Laura Davey
Admissions and Administrative Services Assistant

Alayna Frey
Communications Coordinator

Shanna Howse
Records and Data Management Coordinator

Amanda Kristensen
Graduate Admissions and Records Officer

Cherie Mongeon
Graduate Financial Aid and Awards Officer

Christina Peterson
Academic Services Assistant