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Student Life Levy

Funded directly through the generosity of our undergraduate students with the support of the Students' Union, the Student Life Levy (SLL) has supported special one-time projects that enhance the undergraduate student experience at the Brantford and Waterloo campuses since the 1980s.

The SLL was initiated to support projects that couldn’t otherwise happen. Specifically, the SLL looks to support projects that improve the lives of Laurier students by providing increased opportunity to engage in activities that lead to improved personal health and wellness or increased opportunity for students to engage each other and their environment in a culture of learning outside of physical classroom space.

The application system is open year-round, with reviews happening every March and November. Responses are provided at the end of each semester. An email goes out late August and early January with an official due date.

Application Process

Assess if your project qualifies and learn how to get approval from the Students' Union by reviewing the application process

Review Process

Notice: The SLL will only move forward with Brantford campus projects.

The review committee consists of student leaders from the Students' Union and the university. Committee members are provided time to assess all projects individually.

In November and March, the committee comes together to assess projects as a group and make final decisions. You will hear from at the end of the semester with the final decision.