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Funding Opportunities

Whether you're looking to fund your studies or maybe a special project, Laurier offers funding opportunities to help realize your goals and enhance your student experience.

Check out some of the available opportunities based on your project or interests.

Student Life Levy

The Student Life Levy (SLL) was initiated to support projects that couldn’t otherwise happen! Specifically, the SLL looks to support projects that improve the lives of Laurier students. This includes projects that provide increased opportunity to engage in activities leading to improved personal health and wellness, or increased opportunity for you to engage with other students and your environment in a culture of learning, outside of physical classroom space.

Graduate Enhancement Fund

Funded directly through the generosity of our graduate students, the Graduate Enhancement Fund (GEF) supports special one-time projects that enhance the graduate student experience across all of our campuses.

Sustainable Hawk Fund

The Sustainability Office dedicates up to $30,000 annually to help grow sustainability ideas that benefit the Laurier community (including you) through the Sustainable Hawk Fund (SHF). We want to leverage Laurier’s entrepreneurial and community spirit by engaging students such as yourself, faculty and staff to integrate sustainability practices into all aspects of student life at Laurier.

Laurier Startup Fund

Want real-life investment experience? The Laurier Startup Fund provides Lazaridis School students with the opportunity to participate in investment opportunities, bridging the gap between your studies and your career.