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Funding Opportunities

Whether you're looking to fund your studies or maybe a special project, Laurier offers funding opportunities to help realize your goals and enhance your student experience.

Check out some of the available opportunities based on your project or interests.

Student Life Levy

The Student Life Levy (SLL) was initiated to support projects that couldn’t otherwise happen! Specifically, the SLL looks to support projects that improve the lives of Laurier students. This includes projects that provide increased opportunity to engage in activities leading to improved personal health and wellness, or increased opportunity for you to engage with other students and your environment in a culture of learning, outside of physical classroom space.

Campus Experience & Enhancement Fund

The Campus Experience & Enhancement Fund provides financial assistance to campus groups and community for activities that enhance the student experience at Laurier. Activities could include:

  • workshops
  • hosting special events or guest speakers
  • travel expenses for conferences or competitions


This fund is intended for one-off activities and new intiatives that positively showcase Laurier through campus engagement or integrated learning and must be geared towards broader accesssible student participation. Priority will be given to applications that promote Laurier values of inclusion, wellness, and meaningful learning outside of the classroom. 

This fund is only intended for campus groups and community, not for individuals. Individual students seeking funding should apply to the Student Horizon Fund below. 

Application Process

This fund is administered by the Dean of Students Office. Applicants may request up to $1,500 and are encouraged to explore funding partnerships with other campus groups or organizations. Applications must include the following: 

  • details and description of the event
  • number of students impacted or expected to participate
  • anticipated benefits to students and the Laurier community
  • a budget detailing both revenues and expenses as well as reference to other sources of funding received or requested

The application is now closed for the 2023-2024 academic year. 

Please connect by email to for Waterloo applications and Brantford applications by email to for inquiries related to the 24/25 academic year. 

Student Horizon Fund

The Student Horizon Fund provides financial assistance to students pursuing activities outside the classroom to diversify their educational experience. Activities could include:

  • academic competitions
  • international events
  • formal participation in conferences 


  • The activities must occur while the student(s) are actively registered at the university.
  • Activities must not be eligible for academic credit or be required to complete a specific academic program (Ex: Volunteer placement, international placement, thesis work).
  • Eligible students must be endorsed by or affiliated with a recognized Students' Union Club (Ex: Fashion in Motion), Academic Department (i.e. Graduate Studies) or office (i.e. CSEDI).

The application is now closed for the 2023-2024 academic year. 

Graduate Enhancement Fund

Funded directly through the generosity of our graduate students, the Graduate Enhancement Fund (GEF) supports special one-time projects that enhance the graduate student experience across all of our campuses.

Sustainable Hawk Fund

The Sustainability Office dedicates up to $30,000 annually to help grow sustainability ideas that benefit the Laurier community (including you) through the Sustainable Hawk Fund (SHF). We want to leverage Laurier’s entrepreneurial and community spirit by engaging students such as yourself, faculty and staff to integrate sustainability practices into all aspects of student life at Laurier.

Laurier Startup Fund

Want real-life investment experience? The Laurier Startup Fund provides Lazaridis School students with the opportunity to participate in investment opportunities, bridging the gap between your studies and your career.