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Awards (MyLS Course Tool)

Awards are generated based on criteria determined by your instructor or course owner. Certificates indicate an official statement of certification or award at the end of a course/program, but can be awarded during the course for other criteria as well.

When the criteria is achieved for an award, you will be notified that the award has been granted.

Award in MyLS

Share, Download or Print Awards

1. Click "Awards" in the navigation bar (may be under the Other menu).

2. Click the award name.

award name in MyLS

3. Click the "Generate Certificate" link to save the file in the pop-up window.

certificate details in MyLS with generate certificate link

Plaigiarism Note

To prevent plagiarism and protect intellectual and branding copyrights, all earned certificates downloaded from the Awards tool are password-protected from editing.

Each certificate is generated with a random password that is not displayed to users, preventing anyone from editing the certificate in Adobe® Acrobat® or Adobe Reader®.