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MyLS Course Homepage

The course homepage is the landing page for your course. Learn more about the components of the course homepage and the course tools below.

Homepage Components

course homepage

1. Laurier logo: Click the logo to return to the MyLearningSpace home page.

2. Course name: Identifies the course you are in. When you click the course name, you will return to the course homepage.

3. Navigation bar: Provides access to the tools used in your course. The navigation bar may vary by course.

4. Course banner: Umage used to identify your course.

5. News: Lists course announcements and information posted by your instructor.

6. Course updates: Displays the number of new items like discussion posts, available quizzes and email.

7. Calendar: May list important dates for quizzes, assignments, assigned readings and more.

8. Bookmarks: List of bookmarked Content items.

Course Tools

Learn more about the course tools that are essential to your learning experience in MyLearningSpace. Your instructor may use some or all of these tools in your course.

  • Content: Find all course materials that your instructor has posted such as lecture notes, uploaded files, videos.
  • Discussions: Read and reply to discussion postings on different topics, share thoughts or ask questions about the course, share files, or work in groups on assignments.
  • Groups: A tool that your instructor may use to set up groups for your course.
  • Classlist: View who’s enrolled in your course, search for a person’s name, check the online status of your classmates or instructor or send email to your individual classmates, your instructor or groups.
  • Dropbox: Submit your assignments inside of MyLearningSpace within a specific time period, and view your grade and feedback.
  • Grades: You can view any interim grades that have been posted.
  • Quizzes: Take a quiz, and if your instructor has activated them you can review your quiz results, and see class statistics for a quiz.
  • Zoom Meetings: Access class meetings through Zoom.
  • Course Reserves: Links to the ARES system to access course readings with the Laurier Library.
  • Other: Includes tools that are not in high usage.
    • Calendar: Arrange and visualize course events in multiple views and enable integration of course content and your Calendar.
    • Chat: Use the Chat tool to brainstorm ideas, hold a question and answer period, have a debate or discussion, or organize a remote study group. Chat conversations occur in real-time.
    • Links: Access links shared by your instructor.
    • Locker: A tool that can be used as an individual storage space for course files in MyLearningSpace or can be a space for file sharing within groups.
    • Rubrics: Used by instructors to evaluate an activity or item based on a predefined set of criteria.
    • Self Assessments: Similar to quizzes, Self Assessments will allow you to test yourself and provide you with instant results. These self assessments are not graded, however you should refer to your course Syllabus for evaluation details.
    • Surveys: Your instructor may request you use this tool to complete a survey on a particular topic.