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Ombuds Services

The equitable application of university policy and procedure is of utmost importance to us all. Every member of the Laurier community should expect proper application of university policy and procedures to enrich their learning and work environment.

When there is a perceived misapplication of university policy or procedure, or if you believe you have received unfair treatment, the OHRCM can assist you in pursuing a course of action to address your complaint.

Our Services

Ombuds Services is a function of the OHRCM. The office offers independent, multi-partial and confidential service if you have been unable to resolve your concerns related to unfair process or misapplication of university policy and procedure. The mandate of Ombuds Services is to ensure procedural fairness, and just and reasonable outcomes.

Our office will consider your complaint if:

  • You have been unable to resolve your concerns through the usual University processes.
  • You have encountered unreasonable delays in the consideration of your concerns through the usual processes.
  • You are unable, because of other factors that are reasonable in the circumstances, to determine or to follow the usual processes.

Our office objectively considers complaints, makes informal inquiries, carries out formal reviews, draws conclusions and recommends fair resolution. Outcomes may include changes to decisions and/or changes to University policies and procedures.

There are some limitations to our office’s ability to help. We are unable to consider complaints that are:

  • In the process of being dealt with through established processes.
  • Possible to be dealt with through established processes, apart from situations of unreasonable delay.
  • Situations in which, given special circumstances, additional assistance is warranted.
  • Complaints that are before the courts of law or are pending at or before any administrative tribunal outside the university.

When to Request Services

You may wish to contact the office when:

  • You believe that a university policy or procedure has been unfairly applied to your situation, whether intentionally or inadvertently.
  • You are unsure if or how a university policy or procedure applies to your situation.
  • You are unsure if Ombuds Services is the right avenue for your resolution.

Contact us if you have exhausted normal university avenues for seeking resolution to your complaint and wish to discuss how best to proceed.

What to Expect

What to expect when you contact Ombuds Services:

  • After initial contact we will schedule a time to meet with you, either in person, via video call or over the phone.
  • Come prepared to talk in detail about your concerns.
  • Have available any emails, forms or other documentation that is relevant to your concerns.
  • At the end of the initial meeting we will provide you with recommended next steps as they are unique to each situation.
  • Typical next steps may include having you provide additional information, our office contacting other areas at the university to gather more information, or referring you to a more applicable area at the university.