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Technology-Facilitated Harassment and Violence

What is Technology-Facilitated Harassment?

Technology-facilitated harassment and violence involves the use of information and communication technologies to engage in inappropriate and/or hostile behaviour with the intent of intimidating, embarrassing or harassing others.

Technology-facilitated harassment and violence is known by various names, including cyber/online harassment, online abuse, and cyber-bullying. It occurs in online settings such as email, social media, blogging and messaging platforms and comments sections of websites.

Examples of Technology-Facilitated Harassment

Technology-facilitated harassment may include:

What to Do

Technology-facilitated harassment and violence can negatively impact the person experiencing it and some forms can even be illegal. If you are experiencing technology-facilitated harassment and violence you are encouraged to reach out to the Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management.

The university resources available to you will depend on the context of the situation and its affiliation with the university. In some situations, you will be directed to external organizations and resources that are in a better position to assist you. 

target-icon.png Resources

The following resources can also help:

Mental Health Supports

The university has various resources available to you if you are require mental health support.

If you are suicidal or do not think you can keep yourself safe right now:

  • Call Here 24/7 at 1.844.Here.24.7 (1.844.437.3247);
  • Call Laurier's Special Constable Service at 519.885.3333 (Waterloo) or 519.756.8228 x5888 (Brantford); or
  • Call 911.

Student Wellness Centres

Laurier's Student Wellness Centres provide counselling and mental health support to registered students. Mental health services include assessment, diagnosis and treatment, using short-term, goal-directed counselling, crisis intervention and crisis management. They offer a limited number of walk-in appointments for students who need immediate support.

Online Resources

If you are an online student who attends Laurier remotely, we suggest the following online resources.  We also suggest you contact your local branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association for information about local resources.