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Course Offerings for 2022/23

Course offerings for 2022/23:

Fall 2022

  • CQ600: Colloquium
  • CQ601: Cultural Analysis Social Theory
  • CQ602: Approaches to Cultural Analysis
  • CQ642E: Hegemony, Crisis, Resistance

Winter 2023

  • CQ600: Colloquium
  • CQ618:  Biopolitical Theory
  • CQ640C: Exit Democracy


Elective Courses

CAST elective courses examine the complex forces involved in the shaping of cultural processes, forms of subjectivity and modes of social inclusion and exclusion. You will explore:

  • How power and politics are embedded in cultural systems.
  • How socio-economic forces and popular culture are intermeshed.
  • How categories such as gender, race, class, sexuality, and (dis)ability are socially constructed.
  • How language, bodies, affect, and memory are culturally constituted and contested.

Over the course of your studies, you deepen your appreciation for how political and ethical agency is possible - and why it is vitally important - in our globalized world.

Elective course offerings vary from year to year. They include:

  • CQ610: Race, Gender and Imperialism
  • CQ613: Nostalgia and Exile: Memory, History and Identity
  • CQ615: Theories of Multiculturalism and Intercultural Dialogue
  • CQ617: Past Violence and Public Actions: Art, Literature, Politics
  • CQ618: Biopolitical Theory
  • CQ619: Global Political Economy and Environmental Armageddon
  • CQ621: The Social Body
  • CQ624: Rethinking of Body via Deleuze and Guattari
  • CQ625: Ethics, Affect and Embodiment
  • CQ630: Risk, Media and the Politics of Anxiety
  • CQ631: Cultural Studies in Theory and Practice
  • CQ632: Hybrid Discourses, Discourses of Hybridity
  • CQ633: Power, Hegemony and Resistance
  • CQ634: Visuality and Cultural Analysis
  • CQ635: Social Theory and Contemporary Film
  • CQ640: Special Topics in Globalization, Identity and Social Movements
  • CQ641: Special Topics in Body Politics
  • CQ642: Special Topics in Culture and Representation