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Course Offerings for 2019/20

Course offerings for 2019/20:

Fall 2019

  • CQ600: Colloquium
  • CQ601: Cultural Analysis Social Theory
  • CQ602: Approaches to Cultural Analysis
  • CQ640A: Diaspora in the 21st Century

Winter 2020

  • CQ600: Colloquium
  • CQ631: Cultural Studies Theory and Practice
  • CQ640B: Music, Social Justice and Globalization


Globalization, Identity and Social Movements Courses

Globalization, Identity and Social Movements fosters critical understanding of contemporary global economic, social and political processes and the struggle for human, cultural and social rights at the local, national, and supranational levels. Social activism, identity formation and rights discourses are key concerns in this field.

  • CQ610: Race, Gender and Imperialism
  • CQ612: [Trans] National Identities, New Media/tions and the Place of the Public
  • CQ613: Nostalgia and Exile: Memory, History, Identity
  • CQ614: Language Policies and the Politics of Language Identity
  • CQ615: Theories of Multiculturalism and Intercultural Dialogue

Body Politics: Gender, Sexuality and Embodiment Courses

Body Politics: Gender, Sexuality and Embodiment focuses on sexuality and embodiment, and the specific ways in which human bodies are inhabited and represented, historically and culturally. Feminist and queer theories inform this analysis. The political nature of the intimate processes of identity formation, and the effects of technologies on our notions of gender appropriateness and physical normalcy are explored in this field.

  • CQ621: The Social Body
  • CQ624: Rethinking the body via Deleuze and Guattari
  • CQ625: Ethics, Affect and Embodiment

Cultural Representation and Social Theory Courses

Cultural Representation and Social Theory engages a variety of thematic concerns related to the politics of knowledge production, whether in the context of academia and intellectual discourse, as a feature of media technologies, or a practice in everyday life. Visual culture, political practices, and new forms of social agency and representational practices are central issues explored in this field.

  • CQ630: Risk, Media and the Politics of Anxiety
  • CQ631: Cultural Studies in Theory and Practice
  • CQ632: Hybrid Discourses, Discourses of Hybridity
  • CQ633: Power, Hegemony and Resistance
  • CQ634: Visuality and Cultural Analysis
  • CQ635: Social Theory and Contemporary Film