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The GPA calculator is for personal and informational purposes only. The calculations are unofficial. Your official GPA and academic record is available on LORIS. To check your final grades prior to them going official (e.g. mid-January for fall term, mid-June for winter term), please review your Unofficial Record of Coursework in LORIS.

Use the calculator to determine:

Calculating Your GPA

Calculating GPA Improvement if Retaking a Failed Course

If you wish to determine how much of an improvement you will see if you repeat a course that you have failed:

Failed Courses

A grade of DR, XF or F is a failed course with a ‘zero’ GPA value.

When an X appears beside a final passing grade, the final examination was not written and the grade is based upon term work. Enter XF or the passing grade (e.g., for XD enter “D”) as appropriate.

If the course was dropped after academic deadline, the course is failed unless you have successfully petitioned for an exception.

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