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After Graduation

What are you going to do with a degree in Human Rights and Human Diversity? We can't tell you, but you have three basic immediate options:

Explore some of the careers that our graduates have gone on to

Entering the Workforce

The following sites can be useful for:

  • Searching for a job after you graduate; and (better yet)
  • Researching the kinds of skills and preparation that are required for particular careers so that you can make sure you have these covered before you graduate.

Further Study

Many professional programs (e.g., Law, Social Work, Business, Public Administration) do not require any specific program of undergraduate education. Others are generally more insistent that students have an undergraduate degree in their own or a closely related discipline (e.g., History, English, Psychology, Sociology). Of course, this won't be a problem for you because you must combine your HRHD Honours program with one of the other Honours programs we offer at Laurier Brantford.

Listed below are some programs that appear to fit particularly well with the aims of Human Rights and Human Diversity.

Graduate Internships

The following sites may sometimes list graduate internships. The Entering the Workforce links above may also list graduate internships.

Our Graduates are Successful

Here are some examples of what our graduates have gone on to:

  • Master of Social Work (Laurier, Lakehead)

  • Master of Arts: Public Policy (Toronto), Political Science (Queen's), Public Policy & Administration (Carleton), International Public Policy (Laurier), Globalization and International Development (Ottawa), Immigration and Settlement Studies (TMU), Human Rights (Manitoba), Globalization (McMaster), Public Service (Waterloo), Sociology (Memorial), Public Health (Brock), Religion and Culture (Laurier)

  • PhD: Political Science (Princeton), Women and Gender Studies (Western), Sociology and Legal Studies (Waterloo)

  • JD/LLB (Law degree): Osgood Hall (York), University of Toronto, TMU, Windsor, City University of London (UK), Sussex University (UK)

  • Lawyers

  • Associate Professor (Queen's)

  • Human Resources in public, private and non-profit sectors as generalists, specialists, operation coordinator, health and safety coordinator, recruiting coordinator

  • Professional Fund Raisers for hospitals, non-profits, universities

  • Non-profit sector: Volunteer and Programming Director, Professional Fundraising, Program Support Worker, Youth Support Counsellor, Events Coordinator, Equality Mobilizer, Case Worker, Canvasser, Volunteer and Programming Director, Residential Coordinator

  • Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Governments with Global Affairs; Immigration Refugees, and Citizenship Canada; Natural Resources; Solicitor General's Office as Research and Evaluation Officer, Regional Supervisor, Policy Analyst, Officer (Intellectual Property)

  • Private Sector: District Manager, Public Relations, Project Manager/Coordinator, Administrator, Clinical Therapist, Executive Assistant, Customer Care Advisor, Consultant, Administrator, Customer Experience Associate, Manager, Account Manager, Paralegal, Office Assistant, Law Clerk