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Management in Community Services

Third-year students in the Honours Human Rights and Human Diversity program may be eligible to enrol in graduate certificates in Management in Community Services or Human Resource Management through an articulation agreement between Laurier and Conestoga College (Brantford Campus).


What is Management in Community Services?

Here is what Conestoga has to say: "This program focuses on developing skills in managing public, private or non-profit community organizations. Students will gain knowledge of community organizations. Students will gain knowledge of community development methods and learn strategies for relationship building, community outreach and community leadership. Human resources, financial management, project management, entrepreneurship in social enterprises, principles of management as well as business development and fundraising will also be addressed. Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their understanding of community-based social policy and public administration, and gain perspectives on social, cultural and political issues."


Why Human Rights and Human Diversity and Management in Community Services?

Many students are interested in Human Rights and Human Diversity because they want to pursue careers where they can make a difference. One of the key workplaces where this can happen is in non-profits/nongovernmental organizations that are involved in service provision and/or advocacy. Research suggests that while many graduates bring passion and knowledge of key issues to their first jobs in these organizations, what they are often lacking is basic management and financial skills. By helping you develop such skills, the Management in Community Services post-graduate diploma can give you an edge.

Eligibility and Transfer Credits