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Student Research and Fieldwork

Fieldwork and Lab Work

Laboratory and field techniques are incorporated into many of the courses offered in the Environmental Science program. Hands-on experience in labs and the field reinforce theoretical concepts and allow students the opportunities to learn valuable skills.

The mandatory field course in Geography and Environmental Studies (Third Year Field Studies, ES/GG399) requires that students undertake a research project in a field location and that they develop the project from question through data gathering and analysis to presentation of a final product. The course involves absence from campus during fall term.

Questions? Contact Mary-Louise Byrne, Environmental Studies Academic Advisor, at or Mihai Costea, field course coordinator, at

Student Research

There are several opportunities for Biology, Chemistry and Geography research. See any of the following for opportunities to work with faculty on projects of local, national and international significance:

Geography and Environmental Studies

Students may also undertake a fourth-year thesis or directed studies course. See Program Requirements for details. See also Faculty Research Interests to help you identify an appropriate supervisor.