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Program Requirements

The Honours BSc Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary program consisting of a minimum of 20 credits of which 13.5 credits must be at the senior level. The program was formerly known as Honours BSc Biology and Physical Geography. The program must include an elective (0.5 credits) from outside of the Faculty of Science and outside of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies in the Faculty of Arts.


This program may include a thesis, ENVX490, that is a full credit at the fourth year level. Interested students have to apply to the Environmental Science Coordinating Committee by mid-February of Year Three of their program.

To be granted admission to the thesis course, students must have a minimum GPA of 7.0 and must have a supervisor available. Supervision may be sought with eligible faculty members from Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry or Geography and Environmental Studies. Admission decisions will normally be made by mid-March of Year Three. Honours students are expected to attend departmental seminars in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, or Geography and Environmental Studies.

Honours Program


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