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Alert Notification System

In the event of an emergency, the university uses a number of communication channels to provide time-sensitive alerts to students.

While all students automatically receive email alerts when there is an emergency event or significant campus safety threat, Special Constable Service (SCS) strongly recommends that students:

Modes of Communication in an Emergency Event

Laurier’s alert notification system, from Rave Mobile Safety, is an integrated messaging system that expands the university’s ability to send alerts to the Laurier community through various modes of communication in the event of an emergency such as a lockdown, hold and secure or shelter-in-place. 

The following modes are currently available to the Laurier students:

  • Email Alerts: The system sends a mass email notification to all current student email accounts. Students are automatically enrolled; sign-up is not required. It is important that you are monitoring your email for time-sensitive alerts.  
  • SAFEHawk App Alerts: An alert notification is pushed through the SAFEHawk app. Downloading the SAFEHawk app is required to receive alerts.
  • SMS Text Message Alerts: The system sends an SMS text message to registered mobile numbers. Registration is required to receive SMS alerts.
  • Desktop Notifications: An "acknowledge and close" alert is pushed to all Laurier-managed computers running Windows and Mac operating systems in classrooms, labs and the Laurier Library.
  • The university also provides emergency updates through web notices and social media.

Laurier will strive to reach you through at least one of the communication modes during an emergency event or campus safety issue. It is important that you follow the recommendations to enable notifications on your devices for email, SAFEHawk app, and SMS text messages as outlined.

Registering for Notifications through MyAlerts

Laurier students are strongly encouraged to register their mobile number(s) with the alert notification system. ​​​You will only receive a text message in the event of a significant on-campus emergency, in response to Laurier’s emergency procedures, or during periodic tests of the alert notification system.

To opt in for SMS text message alerts, follow the instructions below. You may provide up to three mobile numbers.

  • Log in at using your Laurier Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials.
  • On your first login, you will need to review and accept the Terms of Use to proceed.
  • Under "Mobile Phones," select "Add."
  • Enter your mobile number and select "Continue."
  • Confirm the carrier and select "Continue."
  • Enter the confirmation code sent to your mobile number and select "Continue."
  • Select "Done."

You have now activated your mobile number to receive SMS text message alerts from Laurier.

When an SMS alert is sent, do not reply to the alert through SMS as this will not be regularly monitored by Special Constables Services. For assistance or to report a crime call Special Constable Service at 519.885.3333 or report through the SAFEHawk app.

Statement of Consent

By providing your mobile phone number, you are allowing Laurier to send you SMS text messages from the alert notification system in accordance with Laurier’s emergency procedures. Note that SMS text message alerts will only be specific to Laurier campuses and will not replace or include any “Broadcast Immediate” emergency alerts from provincial, territorial, or federal authorities. Text messages are recurring and sent on an as-needed basis. There is no guarantee of SMS message delivery. We do not charge for this service, however your mobile phone company may charge for text messages. You may access technical support by texting INFO or HELP to 67283 at any time.

If you have questions about Laurier’s emergency procedures or the alert notification system, contact Special Constable Services at

Notice of Collection and Privacy Statement

This information is collected under the authority of the Wilfrid Laurier University Act and university policies. Personal information collected by any part of the university may be used or disclosed by other units in order to execute the functions of the university and to administer the relationship between the university and its students, alumni, employees, clients, suppliers, partners and others.

If you have questions about the notice of collection, contact the Privacy office at

Opting Out

If you wish to stop receiving text messages, you may do so by texting "STOP" to short code 67283 or through the MyAlerts portal.

Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions


Laurier strives to leverage digital resources and services accessible to all users, including those with disabilities who may also be using assistive technology. The Rave Mobile Safety solution meets a minimum of WCAG 2.1 standards. However, the university understands that meeting standards alone does not mean the solution will work seamlessly for all. Reach out with suggestions for improvement or questions by submitting the Alert Notification Set-Up Support Form.