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SAFEHawk Safety App

About SafeHawk

As a Laurier student, we want you to feel safe on campus. Our mobile safety application, SAFEHawk, features campus-specific emergency contacts at all Laurier locations, personal support resources, safety tips, new feeds and accessibility information. SAFEHawk also sends out important security updates as they occur.

SAFEHawk is available as a free download on iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. The app incorporates click-to-call functionality, immediately connecting users with campus support services such as the Special Constable Service and the Wellness Centre.

Off-campus resources such as regional police services, Good2Talk and Here24/7 can also be reached via click-to-call features. SAFEHawk has a flashlight, loud alarm and the ability to send the user’s location to Laurier’s Special Constable Service.

SAFEHawk also allows you to notify the Special Constable Service of suspicious activity and report outages on campus or safety hazards.

Questions regarding SAFEHawk can be directed to the Special Constable Service at

Receive Alerts: Enable Push Notifications

To ensure you are receiving critical alerts from the app when an alert is sent, follow these steps to enable notifications for SAFEHawk.

First-Time Download

  • Download SAFEHawk on Android or iPhone devices.
  • When the app launches, select “Allow” in the pop-up message to enable push notifications.

SAFEHawk Already Downloaded

  • Within the SAFEHawk app, select "About/Preferences."
  • Select "Push Notifications."
  • Ensure the notification is set to “Enabled.”

Check Your Smartphone Settings

In the settings area of your smartphone, check that notifications are enabled for the SAFEHawk app. Users may have these settings turned off by default and it will be important to have this enabled to receive alerts from the SAFEHawk app.

Work Alone Feature

Work Alone is a feature that has been added to the SAFEHawk app to ensure the safety of Laurier students.

As per policy 7.15, all employees (including student employees) working alone in their building or office may be required to call the Special Constable Service periodically to ensure safety. The Work Alone feature in the SAFEHawk app allows you to check in through the app; it will also send an alert reminding you to check in.

Although not required, even non-employee students can register and check in to the Special Constable Service using the Work Alone feature.

If a student or employee fails to check in, a special constable will be dispatched to their registered location.