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SAFEHawk Safety App

As a Laurier student, we want you to feel safe on campus. Our mobile safety application, SAFEHawk, features campus-specific emergency contacts at all Laurier locations, personal support resources, safety tips, new feeds and accessibility information. SAFEHawk complements our existing emergency notification system (ENS) by sending out important security updates as they occur.

SAFEHawk is available as a free download on iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. The app incorporates click-to-call functionality, immediately connecting users with campus support services such as the Special Constable Service and the Wellness Centre.

Off-campus resources such as police services, Good2Talk and Here24/7 can also be reached via click-to-call features. SAFEHawk has a flashlight function, loud alarm and the ability to send the user’s location to Laurier’s Special Constable Service.

SAFEHawk allows you to:

  • Reach Special Constable Service and local police services.
  • Receive alerts about campus safety issues in real time.
  • Connect with personal and academic support resources on campus and in the community.
  • Notify the Special Constable Service of suspicious activity.
  • Report outages to accessible building features.

Friend Walk

A new feature of SAFEHawk, called Friend Walk, was rolled out in fall 2016. Friend Walk uses location services to help you make it safely to your destination by sending your position to a contact through email, SMS or messaging client on your device.

Once your friend accepts your Friend Walk request, you pick your destination and your friend can track your location in real time. Your friend can keep an eye on you to make sure you make it safely to your destination.

Friend Walk includes a panic button that alerts your friend of an emergency and also triggers a call to emergency services. If your friend closes the window where they’re monitoring your location, you are notified and given the option to call emergency services immediately. When you reach your destination, you can end the trip and are no longer tracked by your friend.

For additional information and demonstration on how to use the Friend Walk feature, watch the training video. Friend Walk is available for all users of SAFEHawk who use iOS and Android Devices.

Questions regarding SAFEHawk can be directed to the Special Constable Service at