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Prevention Programs

Prepare Training

Being involved in a crisis situation at work is uncomfortable and sometimes unpredictable. There may be times we can see a crisis emerging but are unsure how to keep it from escalating. Prepare Training is specifically tailored to an educational setting and provides the framework for handling any crisis situation.

This four-hour course, facilitated by Laurier's Office of Safety, Health, Environment and Risk Management (SHERM) and the Special Constable Service, will give you the tools to recognize, understand and be prepared to handle a crisis situation. You will learn how to respond in an effective way that also maintains an environment of respect, service and safety at work. The skills you learn to apply in your work environment can also be used in settings outside work. Find out how you can change the outcome of an escalating crisis by changing your response to it.

For further information on this training, contact Cindy Schmidt at

SafeHawk Safety App

Laurier’s new mobile safety app, available for Android, BlackBerry and Apple users, has many convenient features:

  • Tap to call Special Constables in an emergency.
  • Tap to call Foot Patrol for a walk home service.
  • Report suspicious activity on campus.
  • Quickly access campus and community support services.

Download SAFEHawk App

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Several special constables have completed a course on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. This course is designed to reduce crime through changes in the physical environment. If you feel that your area or building is at risk, contact one of our special constables for an analysis of your working environment.

SCS Safety Week

Laurier's Special Constable Service (SCS) hosts a week filled with safety and wellness events. SCS Safety Week is designed to break down the barriers between students and special constables while promoting safety and a good mental well-being.

The SCS has hosted events in the past such as “Coffee with a Cop,” a wellness yoga session, a-lock-for-a-lock trade program, and more.

Lock for a Lock

Bicycle theft can be a common occurrence amongst university campuses. The Laurier Special Constable Service has taken a crime prevention initiative to reduce bicycle thefts from Laurier campuses.

All Laurier students are welcome to stop by the Special Constable Service offices in Waterloo and Brantford and exchange their bicycle lock for a recommended-strength U-lock for free.

If you are someone who regularly cycles around campus, check out our bicycle registry located in the SAFEHawk App.

Emergency Poles

There are emergency poles located throughout our campuses – these are direct lines to the Special Constable Service and the location is immediately identified, so even if you can’t speak be assured that Special Constables will respond to your location.


Many of our buildings are monitored by video surveillance cameras to keep our campuses safe.


All elevators at the Waterloo campus are equipped with an emergency button that acts as a direct line to us. All elevator emergency buttons at the Brantford campus are a direct line to the elevator company.

 Door Knock Program


Every September and March, members from Special Constable Service, Waterloo Regional Police, Waterloo Fire and Waterloo By-law go out into the community to give members of the university and Waterloo community information regarding safety and living cooperatively within the City of Waterloo. During this two-day program approximately 1,500 homes are visited.

The Laurier Special Constable Service reminds the community that Laurier does not support any unsanctioned street gatherings.