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Research Involving Humans

Research involving human participants is governed by Laurier’s Policy 11.13: Ethics Review of Research Involving Humans. All research involving humans must first be reviewed and approved by the Research Ethics Board (REB).

The Tri-Council Policy Statement 2: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS2) describes principles, standards and procedures for governing research involving human participants. It is the basis for the review by the REB and departmental ethics review committees at Laurier.

All Laurier researchers listed on an REB application are required to complete the TCPS2 Course on Research Ethics (CORE) tutorial and submit the certificate(s) of completion with their ethics application. All members of the university community who are involved in research involving humans are encouraged to work through the tutorial.

The REB has developed a number of requirements and procedures with regards to the ethics review process at Laurier. It is strongly suggested that students review the REB’s requirements below prior to beginning work on an ethics application.

Research Ethics Board Contacts

Robert Basso
Chair, Research Ethics Board
Associate Dean, Bachelor of Social Work Program

Una Glisic
Manager, Research Compliance and Strategic Initiatives

Courtney Lunt
Research Compliance Officer

Rosemary A. McGowan
Vice-Chair, Research Ethics Board
Associate Professor, Business Technology Management and Leadership

Review Process

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student and your supervisor will be using your research data as a part of their research program, your proposed project will be reviewed by the REB. To apply for REB approval, use the ROMEO system. Instructions on how to register and use the ROMEO system can be found below.

If you are an undergraduate student and your supervisor will not be using your research data as a part of their research program, your research project will be reviewed by your department’s Research Ethics Committee (REC). To apply for REC approval, submit the “Request for Ethics Review” form directly to your department’s REC. Do not use the ROMEO system.

If you also require research ethics from the University of Waterloo, we have in place a joint review process involving both institutional REBs. Email for further details.

Requirements and Procedures

The following list of topics is presented alphabetically and outlines various requirements and procedures related to the Research Ethics Board (REB) review process at Laurier.

ROMEO Quick Reference Guide