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Research Involving Humans

University Research Ethics Board

The Research Ethics Board (REB):

  • Is responsible for ensuring University-wide understanding of, and compliance with, all applicable external and internal requirements.
  • Reviews and provides clearance for all research activities involving the use of human participants or human biological materials prior to research commencement.
  • Reports to Senate through the Senate Committee on Research and Publications (SCRAP) and is composed of faculty members, graduate students, community members, and staff. ​

Who must apply for REB Review?

All research (both funded and non-funded) involving human participants and human biological materials that is considered to be under Laurier’s jurisdiction/auspices must obtain REB clearance prior to commencement.


  • Research conducted by members or associated members of the University (e.g., Laurier faculty, emeritus faculty, staff, sessional instructors, administrators, students, visiting or adjunct scholars, postdoctoral fellows, paid or unpaid associates or assistants) acting in their University capacity, and research that utilizes Laurier resources (e.g., equipment, e-mail, meeting rooms). 
  • Course-based research activities, the primary purpose of which is pedagogical.

Tri-Council Policy Statement

The Tri-Council Policy Statement 2: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS2) describes the principles, standards and procedures for governing research involving human participants in Canada. It is the basis for research ethics review at Laurier.

All research involving human participants is governed by Laurier’s Policy 11.13: Ethics Review of Research Involving Humans and requires clearance from the University Research Ethics Board (REB) before any research begins.

As a student planning to conduct research that involves human participants or human biological materials, you must obtain ethics clearance to ensure your research meets all relevant ethical guidelines.

Before You Apply

Plan REB Application Submission Timeline

REB review is a multi-step and ongoing process involving administrative review, initial REB review, resubmission, and review of resubmissions. It is the principal investigator’s responsibility to ensure that the research team is able to meet any time sensitive deadlines and that projects are feasible to complete within restricted timeframes.

Make sure you review the REB's timelines and review process, and plan the submission of your REB application accordingly.

Complete the TCPS 2: Course on Research Ethics (CORE) Tutorial

All Laurier researchers must complete the TCPS2 CORE Tutorial and submit the certificate(s) of completion with their ethics application. 

Failing to follow TCPS2 and university policies or guidelines, applicable laws or regulations on research with human participants may be considered as research misconduct and a breach of the Tri-Agency Framework: Responsible Conduct of Research and University policy 12.2 Student Code of Conduct: Academic Misconduct. This applies to all research projects involving human participants regardless of funding status. Researchers must ensure that all of their projects that require REB review and approval, receive the REB review and approval prior to commencement of the project, and that the research is conducted as approved by the REB (either via original approval or a modification request). If unsure about whether your project requires REB review and approval you should consult directly with the REB

Determine Review Process Required


The following are definitions in relation to research involving humans:

Drop-in Hours and Templates

The Research Ethics Board has several resources for researchers, including document templates that are available on our General Ethics Guidelines and Informed Consent Guidelines webpages.

We are also continuing to offer instructional drop-in sessions to all researchers over Zoom Thursdays 3:00-4:00pm. Weekly sessions will start on August 31st and run until April 11th (excluding December 28, 2023).

Join our drop-in hours here! (Must be signed into Zoom to attend)

Research Ethics and Compliance Contacts

  • T: 548-889-3518
    • General REB inquiries including questions about the Romeo system, application status, application processes, and review requirements
  • Una Glisic, Associate Director, Post-Award Support
    • E: T: 548-889-4131
    • Contact for: overall operation of Research Compliance and Strategic Initiatives unit 
  • Dinah Hoffman, Research Compliance Officer
    • E: T: 548-889-3659
    • REB contact for: Faculty of Education, Faculty of Social Work, Kinesiology and Health Sciences, Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, Martin Luther University College, Library, and Staff
  • Samantha Moeller, Research Ethics Officer
    • E: T: 548-889-4128
    • REB contact for:
      • Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Music, Faculty of Science (excluding Kinesiology and Health Sciences and Psychology, Faculty of Science new applications)
      • Joint Reviews with the University of Waterloo
      • Departmental Research Ethics Committees
      • Annual/final reports
  • Mary Neil, Human Research Ethics Coordinator, Psychology
    • E: T: 548-889-4815
    • REB contact for: Psychology, Faculty of Science new applications and modification requests (excluding annual reports)