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Mathematics and Statistics Support

 Mathematics and Statistics Learning Support (MaSt) is part of the Student Success team of academic support services, that has been created to aid in your transition from secondary to university-level mathematics.

Content is presented in various modes, both online and in classroom settings.

Services are provided not only for mathematics and statistics courses, but also for courses with a quantitative component from other academic departments.

The programming the centre provides can be grouped into two categories:

  • Diagnostic and review services are designed to refresh your knowledge in fundamental math skills, prerequisite to your university course(s).
  • Course support includes, for example, weekly homework sessions, drop-in help, mock tests and exam reviews, as forms of supplemental instruction to particular courses.

Support is provided to students registered at both the Waterloo and the Brantford campuses.

We are planning on a blended model of service delivery for fall 2021 term, offering learning support sessions and appointments both remotely and on campus (following all health and safety protocols).