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Mathematics and Statistics Support

The Mathematics Assistance Centre has been created to aid in your transition from secondary to university-level mathematics.

Content is presented in various modes, both online and in classroom settings.

Services are provided not only for mathematics and statistics courses, but also for courses with a quantitative component from other academic departments.

The services the centre provides can be grouped into two categories:

  • Diagnostic and review services allow for the design of an individual program to refresh your knowledge in fundamental math skills, prerequisite to your university course(s).
  • Course support includes, for example, homework sessions, drop-in help, mock tests and exam reviews, as forms of supplemental instruction to particular courses.


Looking for a Tutor? Want to Be a Tutor?

While the Mathematics Assistance Centre does not get involved in matching students looking for a personal math tutor with students who are willing to provide one-on-one tutoring, we have created bulletin board space on the Waterloo campus, where advertisements can be posted. Feel free to post flyers on our Tutoring Wall, inside LH1018.
While the Mathematics Assistance Centre is not directly involved, Writing and Study Skills Services operates a tutor referral service.