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Course Offerings

The Master of Education (MEd) program consists of five required courses and three electives.

Select the course offerings information based on your area of study: 

Elective courses from within the Faculty of Education include courses such as leadership in education, mental health fundamentals for educational leaders, school culture and change, mathematics education research, and integrating technology and pedagogy. While not mandatory, we strongly encourage students to take at least one elective course outside of the Faculty of Education, in topics such as community capacity building, trauma and counselling, and learning and development.

Required Courses for Interdisciplinary Focus 

Note: Interdisciplinary Students must take either EU504: Quantitative Research Methods or EU505: Qualitative Research Methods.

Required Courses for Student Affairs Field 

Faculty of Education Electives

Note: Required courses are offered during set terms and elective courses rotate terms. Not all electives are offered every term.

The following is the list of electives available through the Faculty of Education. See below for a list of electives available across the university. Students may choose electives from either list.

Possible Electives Outside the Faculty of Education

The following is a list of electives outside of the Faculty of Education that previous Master of Education students have taken. Feel free to browse the graduate academic calendar to find a course of interest. Normally, approval from course instructor is required prior to registration. The graduate program assistant and/or the graduate coordinator will help students find suitable electives and secure instructor permission where possible. Electives must be approved by the graduate program coordinator.

Lazaridis School of Business and Economics

  • BU604: Organizational Behaviour
  • BU658: Organizational Dynamics and Change

Faculty of Social Work

  • SK504: Research Methods in Social Work
  • SK615: Clinical Social Work Research and Data Analysis
  • SK657: Treatment of Children and Adolescents
  • SK667: Play Therapy
  • SK668: Social Work Practice with Survivors of Trauma

Faculty of Arts

  • SY616: Global Environment Problems and Change (Department of Sociology)
  • RE633f: Buddhism and Western Psychology (Department of Religion and Culture)

Faculty of Science

  • KP651: Neurocognition of Movement (Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education)