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Bachelor of Education

Laurier's two-year consecutive Bachelor of Education program is designed to prepare teachers for the Primary and Junior levels (Grades K-6) or Junior and Intermediate levels (Grades 4 to 10). Our innovative program maintains strong linkages with six local school boards. The program focuses on practice-based inquiry. 

The Faculty of Education two-year consecutive program is designed to meet all Ontario legislated requirements and incorporates the Standards of Practice and Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession of the Ontario College of Teachers. Graduates will be recommended by the university to the Ontario College of Teachers for certification to practice in the Ontario education system.

What Sets Laurier Apart

  • Amount and quality of time in classrooms: over 40 weeks of hands-on experience over two years, culminating in a 10-week Laurier Professional Placement.
  • Professional Development School (PDS) model: you will be assigned to one school for each year, where you become an integral part of the staff.
  • Alternative placement: you will choose a community setting for learning, or do an international placement.
  • Diversity series: a set of six classes where you will gain in-depth knowledge about adapting your teaching to children with different backgrounds and needs.
  • Integrated courses: technology, collaboration, communication, critical and creative thinking are integrated with subject matter to create a dynamic learning environment.
  • Learn from the best: small class sizes and a combination of subject-matter experts and real-world experience from well-respected principals and teachers in local boards.
  • New flexible learning spaces.
  • One of the highest placement rates in the province for graduates!

Professional Development School Model

Laurier's program is unique in that it is based on a Professional Development School (PDS) Model. We have partnered with six area school boards to provide extensive, in-depth, and sustained field experiences for our candidates. Teacher Candidates (TCs) spend at least one day per week throughout the year in host schools, in addition to scheduled block practicum placement.

Being situated in the same school for the entire year affords the TCs the opportunity to establish close, personal, interactive professional relationships with school personnel and communities. Initially TCs spend much time observing different teaching techniques, classroom management strategies, and school procedures. They begin working with individual students, then small groups, before taking responsibility for the entire class. During their field placements, Teacher Candidates work with their associate teachers in school or virtual settings.

Within their block practicum placements, they move from teaching 25% of the time in the first placement to 100% of the time in their final placement. They acquire and refine the skills of teaching, learn first-hand from practicing professionals what it means to be a classroom teacher, contribute to school improvement, and partner with the school staff in seeking to improve student achievement. Importantly, they regularly link the theory from their university classes to what they experience in the schools.