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Bachelor of Education

Laurier's two-year consecutive Bachelor of Education program is designed to prepare teachers for the Primary and Junior levels (Grades K-6) or Junior and Intermediate levels (Grades 4 to 10). Our innovative program maintains strong linkages with fourteen local school boards. The program focuses on practice-based inquiry. 

Find all the information you need to know during your studies in the Bachelor of Education program: 

  • Program requirements: Understand what is expected with you in the program. 
  • Course offers: Find out which courses you need to take and prepare for course registration. 
  • Field experience: Learn what is expected of you during your practicum. 
  • Teaching orientation and transition: These are mandatory programs as part of your BEd.
  • Year-at-a-Glance: Plan ahead and make note of important dates. 

Academic Advising

Our academic advising team is here to answer questions such as:

  • Navigating program and course requirements.
  • Course registration.
  • GPA.
  • Creating an academic plan.
  • Determining appropriate campus resources.

We recommend that you connect with an academic advisor once a year to ensure you remain on track with your degree requirements.

Inclement Weather Days

You are responsible for checking with the university for closures related to university classes due to inclement weather

If the university is closed due to inclement weather, you are not expected to attend. 

Should a school site be open during inclement weather, but you are not able to attend your placement safely, you must inform your course instructors as soon as possible.

Ready to Graduate? 

Make Sure You've Met Requirements

  • Complete 10.0 EU credits (10.23 for J/I French teachable). 
  • Minimum grade of 5.00 (C) in each course.
  • Overall GPA of 8.00 (B). 
  • Pass grade (satisfactory or above rating) in all practicum placements.
  • All assignments for each course must be submitted. 
  • Specific course requirements in the course syllabi. 

Apply to Graduate

Complete the Apply to Graduate process as outlined by Enrolment Services. Connect with if you have any questions. 

Become Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) Certified

Upon successful completion of the BEd program and you are awarded your BEd degree, provide the OCT with an official transcript of your degree. 

The Faculty of Education reserves the right to recommend students to the OCT for certificate qualification to teach in Ontario. Non-Canadians completing the program may be recommended to the College, but it is your responsibility to provide acceptable and appropriate documentation permitting you to work in Ontario.

For further information regarding certification, contact the OCT.

Additional Qualification (AQ) and Additional Basic Qualification (ABQ)

AQ and ABQ are additional qualification courses you may take to enhance your teaching qualifications. 

To register for any AQ/ABQ, you must have a Certificate of Qualification and be registered with the OCT.