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Master of Education

The Master of Education program at the Faculty of Education at Laurier offers a unique and exciting learning experience where students can expect small classes led by award-winning faculty and leaders in their field who facilitate meaningful dialogue, curriculum connections, and student engagement. 

We offer two distinct programs of study within our Master of Education (MEd) program: one program with an Interdisciplinary focus for those more directly involved in teaching and learning at all age levels (May and September start), and a Student Affairs program for those interested in student affairs and services in a postsecondary setting (May start). 

For those who begin our regular Interdisciplinary program with in-person components in May, we reserve a few spaces for full-time students each year. Full-time students complete the program in three consecutive terms (one year).

For those interested in studying from the convenience of any location, the Interdisciplinary September program is offered with some fully online courses, and some courses that include a blend of synchronous and asynchronous classes with no need to attend any on-campus courses or meetings.  Programs that begin in May have some in-person learning opportunities for those who prefer this experience. The Student Affairs program can be completed without attending on-campus classes in a hyflex/multi-access format if desired.  

The program requires the completion of eight half-credit courses and can be completed part-time in six consecutive terms (two years). Continuous enrolment is required for the duration of the degree.  With the exception of fully online courses, all virtual and in-person MEd courses are offered in the late afternoon or early evening to accommodate traditional full-time work schedules.